Puppy drama

Milo, very scraggly, in Anne’s arms

I love Milo. He loves me. He follows me everywhere. He misses me when I leave the house. It is amazing to see such devotion. I understand why people love their dogs so much.

Milo has a liver shunt. It is not a good thing. It means that there is a blood vessel (or many) bypassing his liver. When this happens the liver cannot detoxify the blood and then waste products, mainly ammonia, build up. In hindsight I can see that this has been the source of all his medical issues. He had been having hepatic encephalopathy. His body was being poisoned because his liver wasn’t being utilized. vomiting, lethargy, shakiness, what seems like headaches and mental disorientation. All from this.

He is now on a medically managed diet and meds. He has a ct scan scheduled for April 7. Surgery would be the best, if it is recommended. So far his pet insurance has been very useful. I have still spent tons of money on appointment, but the scan and surgery may cost $10000. Sigh.

Having a tiny ball of fur so reliant on me has been stressful, but also a joy. I’m so happy to finally know what was making him so sick, and he is now much more of a puppy. He plays with toys. He likes to eat. And, maybe less exciting, he is humping everything! Like a normal dog.

While this has been happening my company has also been absorbed by a competition and I have been shuffled into a different role, while trying to finish of my old one. Lots of concerns about employment, pensions and work location. Ahhhh. I have worked for the same company for 25 years. This is a change I didn’t see happening!

Never a dull moment. Keep milo in your prayers and I will update the blog after his scan!

More drama made manageable by my clear and sober mind! I think my word of the year, integration, is truly coming to pass.

Stillness and peace

Anne & Milo

9 thoughts on “Puppy drama

  1. Ahhh… hello Milo!!! You are going to get well soon and enjoy many wonderful years with Anne. Together you will be unstoppable even if the road ahead gets a little bumpy.❤️🤗✨

  2. Standing strong, as ever, Anne. Amazing woman. Poor wee Milo, what a challenge! He’s lucky to have you. Big hugs as life throws you a couple more tough chapters to chew on xxx

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