Milo update

I’m writing from my hotel room in Saskatoon. Milo and I flew here last week for him to have surgery on his liver shunt. The surgery was on Thursday and he was supposed to come home today, but there were complications. Hopefully he’s released tomorrow. today was very scary. It started with the concern he would need a second surgery! A scan showed he didn’t…but the waiting for the results really freaked me out and all I could think was of the worst case.

This has been tiring and stressful. Being alone in the hotel makes me feel lonely. I went out and had a pedicure yesterday and chatted with a girl and it help me remember there’s tons of people out there living their lives, with their own issues. It’s hard to be alone in a strange city. I feel sorry for myself!

This afternoon I had some strange thought that anyone else would be having drinks in their room. That it would be a way to pass the time and dull the worry. The thought was so strong….

Instead I took a nap. I am tired. My brain is tired. Between work, where things are constantly changing and I feel very undervalued, Milo, who seems so helpless and who I am so attached to, travelling and being in a hotel, the cost of all this and just taking care of everything….I’m fried. I wanted to escape.

The nap helped. Then I ate. Had a shower. Watched my team lose the hockey game (go flames go). I message a few friends and told them I was worried. It all became manageable. I know drinking will never be the answer for me (or anyone). It doesn’t fix anything…it just defers the problems and stress. And maybe adds to it.

I am saying a little prayer that Milo has a goodnight and tomorrow he gets out of the hospital! If you have a minute please send him good vibes. He’s my little dude!

Stillness and peace


Anne and Milo

15 thoughts on “Milo update

  1. You’re doing amazing, and that is one lucky pupper, with you fighting for him. I hope it all works out okay. Rest assured you are giving him every chance.

    Freaking proud of you!

  2. OMGosh I have been right where you are with the worry for your furbaby, the helplessness, the feeling alone (I had to go to another city in the middle of lockdown and had to sit in my car and couldn’t even go in with him or to see him), the financial worry it just escalates. So proud of you not reaching for the bottle as I know even just and escape from all of that for a little bit might of been tempting but we know in reality it doesn’t, it escalates it and then you add the disappointed in yourself to it and it ends up being a whole cluster so makes things so much worse! Sending Milo and you big hugs and healing energy for him and strength for you xox

    1. I used to think people were a bit over reacting and extreme when they spent large sums of money on their dogs.
      Now I understand. He loves me and is helpless. I love him.
      He is doing better. Still some complications, but we fly home today.

  3. Thanks so much for writing. I hope your sweet babe recovers nicely today and can go home! Your day in the strange city sounds very stressful. I appreciate your showing us the inside of your brain and how alcohol can appear to be a good idea at anywhere along the journey — yay for naps and friends. Sending both you and Milo (and his doctors) good vibes today! Adrian

  4. Milo will be fine. The little ones are tough. My chow is flea infested. Hope not my house. itchy ankles.

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