I’m a 42 year old mom of 2 who has finally taken action to make my life better. I put down the wine glass on December 1, 2013. I have a nice therapist, a supportive family and have found yoga as the path for me.

If anyone would ever like to contact me you can reach me at ainsobriety@gmail.com.

14 thoughts on “About

    1. Can I join the clan? I am Mark clean and sober for 19 months so far off of heroin. I have a long run in with all substance abuse addiction. I’m currently in treatment, probably will be for awhile. I have a goal to share my testimony so I started on that by building a website. 100% personal. It’s been fun doing it and consumes time. If u dont mind me leaving my details and checking me out o would appreciate it. Currently enrolling in school for my bachelors in interventionist for this. Yay me! Hope we cross paths maybe and we can network. I’ll leave all my contact info. My pleasure.

  1. I am at Day 88. I just started my blog. Mere’sMindfulLife.blogspot.com. Hoping to figure out how to “follow” and get followers. Thank you for your blog!

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