It has been Too long

I can’t believe I haven’t written since may. My life really isn’t that exciting, lol.

Milo made it through his surgery and is still recovering. His liver didn’t “kick in” as we had hoped, and he is still on a special diet and kind of delicate. I fine with that. I cook his food and it’s all easy. He is a bright fluff ball and the kids and I dote on him. All 6 lbs of him!

My daughter is getting through grade 12. She is thinking about next years and looking forward. This makes my life so much simpler.

My son stayed here and went to our college. He is playing Valorant for the e sports team and is enjoying things. I am tired of chauffeuring him around, so I bought him a 2011 Toyota Matrix. All he needs is to get his license! He finished drivers Ed today and hopefully takes his road test on a week or so.

I’m tolerating work. My role isn’t what I expected and it isn’t for me. I keep trying to find some acceptance and to just do a good job and not think about it too much. I’ve been at the company 26 years! I need to just smile and nod and hope 2023 brings a more suitable role.

I’m still sober. In December I will have 9 years. It seems impossible to think that. I remember when I couldn’t get 9 days….weekends were just too complicated.

Like always,time has both dragged and flown. Probably the most strange part was realizing that it will have been 4 years since Craig and I split soon.I had gotten myself a new car that December as a gift to me, and it was time to upgrade. 4 years….it still seems recent!

Anyway, I got a 2022 Lincoln Corsair, which is exactly what I had, just 4 years newer! It’s even black again. I loved it and had no reason to look at anything else. My new one has massaging seats! Something I didn’t know I needed,lol.

I hope you are all well.if you haven’t written a post for a while, take this as a request to check in! Happy thanksgiving if you are in Canada!

Stillness and peace


Milo. 1 year old yorkie!

10 thoughts on “It has been Too long

  1. Milo is insanely cute. And so lucky to have you all.

    You sound good, Anne. I’m so pleased. And know exactly how you feel about your job. I was exactly there, too. Good luck. All the best in finding something more rewarding xxx

  2. Milo is super cute! Sounds like things are going good except your job. Sure hope things get better for you in that department. My husband works 60+hours a week and the people he works with are just awful most of the time. Makes things hard. Massaging seats sound awesome!!! 😃

  3. Great to see you, Anne. Congratulations on your upcoming 9 years! It’s pretty amazing to think of remaining sober through all of life’s twists and turns, isn’t it? Enjoy your darling Milo and your new car!

  4. Omg he’s one cute pup!! ❤️
    I also restarted my blog today. I’m on day one again. I’m v low at the thought of starting over but I’m not going to ‘wait’ for a good time to stop drinking again. Today is the only time. Lovely to read your update Anne x

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