Word of the year 2022 – Integration

It is already past New Years and I Have not come up with my word for 2022.

I have though about it a lot. I considered fleeting, as in, everything that feels so heavy and unending is really fleeting in the long run. I like it, but it is not quite it.

I then considered crucible. My daughter is reading Arthur Millers play, the crucible, a play I loved at university. I like it too. A crucible is a hard test. A challenge. Hmm. I don’t think I need that right now.

Then yesterday my friend posed the photo below online and I knew I had found my word. Integration. Allowing everything to settle. To savour all I have learned and experienced, and incorporate it, and maybe, even leave behind the parts of it that changed me, but no longer serves me.

Happy 2022. I hope it is a good year.

Stillness and peace,


8 thoughts on “Word of the year 2022 – Integration

  1. This is great! I’ve been thinking of a word for myself, haven’t come up with one. I think I need to look more for “signs” as you mentioned that surround me. I looked up words people use online but didn’t connect with any. Never picked a word for the year but I really like this idea! Thanks!

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