8 Years

Today is my 8 year sober anniversary.
8 years of continuous sobriety.

When I write it it seems so long, but time has flown by.

When I first quit I didn’t plan to be “sober”. Life was ok, but inside I was suffering. I knew alcohol was making my anxiety unbearable, but any time I tried to cut back my anxiety crushed me.

I knew I was brittle, exhausted and sharp. I hated myself and saw no other way. I had built a strong shield of being fine and overachieving. No one saw me.

I decided to give myself the gift of a year of sobriety. I thought this would fix things and then I could drink again.

Lol. Once the option to drink was removed my eyes were opened. ALCOHOL is the problem, and there is a simple solution. Do not drink it. No matter what.

Not even during the death of a close family member, a wildfire evacuation, mental health challenges, a divorce ot a global pandemic.
Not even on a boring Saturday night.

I am still working on the things that brought me to where I was 8 years ago. Now I know I don’t ever have to do that alone again, and that if I don’t drink, and face the problems, solutions will come.

Thank you all for sharing your journeys. You continue to help me every day and that fills my heart with love and joy.

Stillness and peace.

Me and my little love.

22 thoughts on “8 Years

  1. Congratulations on your 8 years!! Thank you deeply, Anne, for sharing your life here with us, for your honesty and courage and persistence and joy. Wishing you a lovely year ahead. Adrian

  2. Congratulations on 8 years! You are beautiful and strong and amazing. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I draw great inspiration from you! And your little fluff ball is adorable! Xx

  3. Rock on Anne! That’s excellent. Thank you for all your love, support, and inspiration along the way. Love your furry friend…we’re so fortunate to get their unconditional love😊.

  4. I’ve known some of what you’ve been through but reading through this post gave me such hope- I’m 4.5 years and the cravings are intense. Never been so bad, really. The times we live in don’t help. You’ve shown us that we won’t only survive “life” but it’s possible to thrive (no matter what) if we maintain our commitment to our growth through sobriety. Anne, you are a lighthouse for us all. Thank you for sharing your strength, courage and love with us. Congratulations! Kiss furry Milo(?) for me, please.💜

    1. Thank you
      It is interesting how even after long periods we are drawn to drink.
      This is a hard time.
      I have many baths again. Lots of coffee.
      And Milo has been a good add.
      I have slowly become more and more homebound and sometimes feel lonely.
      I hope spring 2022 is brighter!

      In the end, I know how small and sad my life would be if I drank. And how it would become everything.


      1. Congrats, congrats!! Today is my anniversary (marriage) and I’m hoping to make it the start of a new ‘try at dry.’ I recall you from posts at Mummy Was a Secret Drinker, which was such a helpful ‘addiction’ the last time I was successful at stopping. Here’s hoping I’m ready (READY!!) and able again.

  5. Anne, I am, obviously, stumbling upon this much later than you posted it. Congratulations, however, on the 8 years! That is a great feat, as far as I am concerned. I appreciate your friendship and the constant encouragement you have given me along the way.

  6. Congratulations! I have just passed 7 years and I remember back when I was first finding my feet with it in the early days your blog was one I loved to read that inspired me so much ❤️

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