Friday night check in


2021 is progressing well at my house. Both of my kids are doing well at school. The oldest is in grade 12 and nearing the end. He has already been accepted into engineering in Calgary. He is debating going to another university, but hasn’t done anything about it, lol. His marks are excellent and he can go wherever he wants. I’m leaving it to him.

My youngest is thriving in her outreach school. There are teachers available to support her, both online and in person. She can work at her own pace. I help her through math and science. We joke around and she called me Ms. Simpson. It is going amazingly and she is proud of herself and engaged. After 3 years of school anxiety, minimal attendance and distress, grade 10 is going as well as I could have ever hoped. Her mental health is good. The relief I feel is overwhelming. Anyone with a child struggling, know it takes almost no time to catch up – even missing grades 7-9.

I am doing well too! Work from home continues and I love it. I am busy and the days go by quickly. I am appreciative that I still have my job during covid, although working in the oil industry I know we are pretty much the definition of essential.

I have found a routine of daily yoga right after work. I am using Nicki’s Doane’s online yoga school, and it is as amazing online as she is in person. This is true yoga…way beyond exercise. I can’t put into words how profoundly she has changed my life, but reconnecting with her virtually has been a healthy shift for 2021. I am more settled, more peaceful and am slowly working out the stiffness that settled in in 2020. Every class I use THIS as my intention. I just indulge in enjoying each class and being fully present.

I also note that some squishiness has developed in 2020 as well. I am striving to not distress over this, and to not dive into any strict diets. Instead I am working on not eating after dinner. Just this small change a few weeks ago has improved my sleep.

I sometimes look back at my blog and wonder at how much has changed in my life since I quit drinking in 2013, and how different I am now. I like myself so much more. It has all been a slow progression to self acceptance and compassion.

It makes me think of the first yoga sutra…atha yoga nirodaha. Now, at this moment, which is made up of all the moments before this, yoga begins.

This is every moment, and it is exactly as it is supposed to be.

Stillness and peace


10 thoughts on “Friday night check in

  1. I’m so glad that things are going well. You’ve motivated me to get back to yoga. I haven’t done any since my knee surgery and I know it will help. Just been resistant for some reason. Love and light to you. 💖🌟

  2. Really lovely to read how well things are going, even with challenges to face and overcome. Yoga is also my lifeline. Having introduced myself to it a year ago now, I can’t believe what a difference it makes. I use it for exercise and strength but I have moved to other more meditative classes and also to help with ongoing headaches that are bothering me. It is my daily must and I rely on it for my mental well being. You do seem at peace which is lovely 😊 and I know that people really appreciate your support and kind words on their blogs too.
    Hugs to you. X

  3. I really loved reading this, this morning! So glad things are going well and I could really feel it reading this. That’s awesome on your son and so glad your daughter is doing well this year too! One of my daughters suffered mental health wise and it was so hard to see, help, just overall tough for a mom. My daughter is in her first year of college and doing so well now! It’s so nice to see. I hope you have an awesome day! The sun is shining here and the snow is almost gone. ☀️

  4. So happy to hear this, Anne. I felt the peace and self love and my soul smiled with yours. I so get the looking back to how far we’ve come. A very long journey..a very needed journey. Big hugs to you🤗

  5. So good to see all of this. I am so happy that your daughter is doing better now. You truly do seem to be at peace. You have also inspired me to make time for yoga – I really feel that I need it and it would help. Your blog is my favorite to read and I love when you check in – so thank you. Wishing you continued peace and happiness. 🙂

  6. I’ m wanting to practice yoga also. Tried it and it was difficult with my faultering hips. Will give it another go.

  7. Love this update 🤗🤗 so lovely to read. Glad you’re daughter is doing well and you feel at peace. I cant imagine what you were like at the start of the blog, but you’ve been my inspiration since starting ♡♡

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