Snow White

It is January 8 and my word of the yes, this, has already served me well.

I find when my thoughts start racing, and I ruminate over what someone said or did, I say this, out loud and it brings me right back to what I am doing. At the very least it helps limit my emotional response to something that isn’t actually happening and is long done.

I am continuing to work from home. I LOVE it. Our initial plan had us returning to the office again later in January. I have returned twice already, in July and again in November. Both were short lived and disruptive changes. I do not do well with change.

I am trying to focus on one week at a time this year, but that return to work thought has been poking at me. Yesterday I heard we would almost definitely be home until spring. Yes, I did a happy dance, and yes, I will be disappointed if this changes, but YAY.

Not having a 100 km round trip drive into work is awesome. I feel like Snow White at home. My budgie, Paul, flies around and sits in my monitor chirping at me. Frank, the rabbit, lays by my feet under my desk. Melvin the hamster is even by me, but he stays in his cage and looks out. He’s old, over 3, and a rescue. I expect he won’t last forever, but he is a cute, tiny white ball. Even the reptiles join in some days, although they live in my daughters room, not my “office” (aka dining room).

This is a safe haven for me currently. It is comfortable and relaxing. Even better, The kids are here, although my sin is returning to in person learning Monday. I don’t love the idea….I know it will result in more covid. He is in grade 12, though, and there needs to be a bit more to his life than watching sports with his mom. I suppose….reluctantly.

For now, this is it. My little oasis. The world outside the window seems very unfamiliar, so I am avoiding it for a while.

Stillness and peace,


13 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. Yay! Commuting is the worst. I just started reading Work Optional, you may like it, if I remember correct you are on the early retirement path but perhaps your plan is already in place. Are you on GoodReads?

    1. I’m not on goodreads, but I will look it up.
      I have worked at the same company for 25 years. We have a very good pension, and, as I am single, and expect to live fairly simply once the kids are grown, I think I will take it at 55.
      My company was taken over recently, so there is also some uncertainty about what happens now. There are 5000 employees, so it will take time to play out.

      1. Oh yes you’re in Canada, are pensions more common there? Retiring at 55 would be amazing! I started on Goodread because I found myself forgetting about books I’d read, even ones I’d loved. And I like the practice of putting my opinions down in writing. I don’t get to use my brain a lot on an every day basis 😉

  2. I can see you in your bubble, whistling while you work, with your furry and feathered friends around you… grateful for each day. 💕

  3. I love this image Anne. So happy you are working from home for longer too. I enjoy the hybrid style for me at the moment. Some face to face contact and lots of working from home and no commute. It’s a nice mix. Enjoy your Snow White life 😘 x

  4. It’s funny how easily I’ve gotten used to things I’ve been worrying so much about. There are definitely pros to all of this. I am a bit of a homebody by nature so yes I can relate. I’m happy for you that you’ll be home till spring at least. Sounds like a happy palace over there. :)) xoxoxo

  5. I love your animals Anne! They are so sweet! I am glad you’re not having to drive to and from work everyday. Enjoy this oasis and may you all stay healthy and safe!

  6. I loved reading this! Sounds just perfect to me! We have a bunny that thinks it’s a dog I swear. When my doggie was alive they were together a lot. Our bunny even begs for treats now. 😆

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