So much time!

Hello! It has been so long since I am updating my blog and I cannot believe I have been so negligent. When I was last year with Fort McMurray had just experienced the flood. It was a huge blow to the city but things are slowly resuming normal. Many people were impacted. 2020 has been a tough year.

My workplace sent us all home to work from home in mid March. As an engineer my work is easily done at home and I was happily set up here. My kids school and did the same day and they resumed work online.

My workplace began to return to work in early July. There are usually over 8000 people at the plant site. I was very concerned when they first called me about this and told me that my return date was July 27. I stressed about it for a lot of July, but in the end decided I would go and see.

The morning of July 27 I got ready for work and it was just me defined oh my clothes are too small LOL. I still managed to get dressed and went to site. We have mandatory masking whenever outside of our office and there’s sanitizer and cleanliness all around. I have a lovely closed-door office with a beautiful view.

Once I got past the shock of return I quickly realized I missed the routine of getting out of bed and leaving the house. Even a few days in I’ll be on to feel much less distressed about being out. I think this was very healthy for my mental well-being. I also reverted back to my normal generally low carb eating and M able to fit some of my clothes!

A few weeks ago a new, very small yoga studio opened. My old studio is also open but it appears to be full of people and I am not comfortable returning. I went to check out the new studio and it was very lovely. I took another step outside my comfort zone and went to a class. I decided to go to the first class in the morning. There were only four students and it was so lovely.

Past few weeks have me feeling more like a regular person. My hair is no longer gray. I’m leaving the house more. Although I loved working from home and would like to do that more, I am OK with the way things are. I have no interest or prospects in dating LOL. I think I will be happy sleeping alone in my king size bed in definitely.

Kids and I have settled into a nice routine. My son and I love sports and watch them together every night. I cherish this time as he is 17 years old and I know that he won’t be here in definitely. Every night we share a piece of gluten-free cake. No diet is going to take that away! My daughter is out with friends a little in a safe Covid positive sort of way. She seems happy and content. Both wonder what September will bring, but neither are stressed about

As much as I hate the whole covid pandemic and economic downturn, pausing and enjoying a bit slower life it’s good for me. I have a very fortunate that I have a job so I can work from home. Although I am in the oils industry my company is still ok. And I’m in Canada, where cases are being managed.

I see lots of new bloggers. I welcome you here! Sobriety allows me to manage the curveballs life throws my way, and has helped me cultivate enough serenity to go with the flow sometimes. Life can be so good.

Stillness and peace


17 thoughts on “So much time!

  1. Looking lovely, love the pic and your update. So pleased to hear everything is steady in your life and most importantly you still get to eat cake 😂. The yoga studio sounds gorgeous, what a find

  2. So good to hear from you again. I have missed you. The new bloggers will appreciated your experience and supportive comments. I’m glad you are feeling ok about returning to ‘life’ again. It’s difficult to do. I love hearing that your 17yr old son still hangs out with you on the sofa. I will make the effort to engage with my almost 16 yr old boy. Love the photo btw. Yoga and low carb are my new ‘things’
    Claire ❤️🤗💕

  3. Yay! Have missed reading you! Also, you are beautiful. Sorry to be so shallow, but you have really amazing hair, all Hollywood red carpet waves. I’m quite green right now. 🙂 So glad to hear things are good with you. Anna xx

    1. Thank you.
      I get it blown out every week because it’s very dry and curly and difficult.
      My stylist is my good friend and it’s a nice visit. I can keep it looking like this for a week!
      It’s my one thing I like to do to feel “done”.

  4. HI Anne,
    I stumbled across your blog while reading someone else’s and I cannot tell you how nice it is to read some familiarity! I am an Alberta gal too and am in a community of drinkers so my new-found sobriety is still pretty anonymous. I am only 47 days in, so I’m not ready to announce it to the world as yet. I did start blogging but it’s pretty much buried so it’s really more for my own accountability. Although gf cake isn’t my jam, I don’t think I can get through an evening without 3 squares of jersey milk chocolate bar and 2 graham crackers haha. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I see you and really appreciate you.

  5. You are looking lovely, my dear! Loving your positive vibe and I knew you would get there. Ditto on the clothes shrinkage, the first 3 months of quarantine saw many many baked goods. We try to walk a lot while the weather is nice (or not, in April we walked in the rain several times out sheer cabin fever.) I haven’t returned to the gym yet, even thought Oregon demands all gym-goers be masked the whole time but I’m thinking about it, maybe super late at night when no one is there, I’ll creep in and bust out circuit! Stay happy and safe!!

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