2020 Flood

Anyone who has followed me knows I was evacuated with my entire city during 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires. It was extremely scary and traumatic, and the city continues to heal from that.

Well. If pandemic wasn’t enough, we are in the middle of a 100 year flood. 15,000 people are currently evacuated from the city centre. Most essential services are located downtown, as this city grew from a trading post along the river.

Fortunately, I live way up a hill and my house is safe. My sister in law (ex? Not sure) who is my good friend, lives downtown. Fortunately she was out of town, or she would most likely have been evacuated in a boat. Her condo building is under water.

The city is devastated and it’s not over. The river is still jammed. The water treatment plan is impacted and we are on a boil water advisory. The hospital has been threatened.

It is truly shocking and scary and I cannot believe that this is how 2020 continues to unfold. In the picture below, the green roof is a grocery store. 4 of the 8 grocery stores for the city are in this area. And the city itself is a 5 hour drive up one highway from the next major centre. This happened over night.

I am inspired by the resiliency of people and the effort the entire city has put forward to help in any and all ways. Sandbagging, donating, volunteering. In the midst of a health crisis true humanity shines through.

If you have a moment, please send me some thoughts of heat. We need the ice to melt so the river can flow!

Stillness and peace


29 thoughts on “2020 Flood

  1. Wow! Here in Colorado, we had some major flooding back in 2013…it was pretty bad too. Plenty of destruction.
    Hopefully things calm down soon – floods, viruses and anything else. It’s been a tough time for a lot of people for sure. Thankfully you’re safe.

  2. Oh my goodness. This brings back so many memories of the 100 year flooding that happened a few years back in my hometown. It is amazing how resilient we can be when adversity strikes. Much love, prayer (and heat) to you and your community. ❤️🥰

  3. OMG! I send you strength, hope and prayers. I remember living through Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. Water knows no boundaries.
    You’ve been so strong this past year-I have faith that you will get through this ,too.

  4. Holy…. that image is mind-blowing. Kind of puts things into perspective. Wow. Thanks for sharing… I had no idea. My instinct is to say “sending heat vibes and prayers” but I know it’s not enough. I’m so sorry. This is terrible.

  5. I was sure hoping that you had been spared by the flood. Oh boy, how much can one town take? Tough time in our oil industry and schooling is a bit of a mess, but, you’re right, school can wait and this will all pass. I must admit I’m getting a little tired of all the drinking memes,however my ice cream consumption has cranked up a bit so who am I to judge. 🍦 Stay safe,stay strong
    Sunflower 🌻 Day 1409

  6. Anne I’m glad you are safe and I’m glad your exSIL? was away, but how incredibly sad for all those whose homes are underwater right now. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that must be. Saying prayers.

    1. The river eventually broke, and is flowing nicely.
      The damage to the city is estimated at 300 million.
      My sister in law is looking at 4 months before her building is repaired.

      It’s a hard blow to many to have a house flood. But the city has come together and the province is providing some financial relief.

      2020 is insane.

      1. oh my god, I am so sorry, and to all the people affected. 2020 truly is absolutely apocalyptic …. someone said it’s like LIVING season 6 of black mirror instead of watching it (I can’4t watch it, it’s too intense for me, but I agree with the idea!). xxx Anne

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