Hello! a check in from home

Hi all! I can’t believe it has been so long since I wrote. Things seems to be progressing in my life and then I started watching this crazy epidemic in China in January and that became a bit obsessive.

My friends thought I was crazy. I started stockpiling food, meds, etc…not tons, but enough. My kids laughed at me and called me a conspiracy theorist.

Of course, now they all think I’m smart. I wish I wasn’t.

I live in northern Canada. I am currently working from home and am deeply grateful to still have a job. My work is in the oil industry and it is suffering. We are still operating as the world need power and oil.

In the midst of all the uncertainty I have found a lovely refuge. My kids are home with me. They are doing online school, or at least one is. Crow is not overly interested and I am not yet willing to force this. It has been too much change for her and I am just happy she is otherwise thriving. School can wait.

The kids and I have all our basic needs. I pick up groceries once a week and I still get a food delivery box weekly. We have implemented week night dinners at the table with China and candles. It is lovely.

In the evening my son and I watch either the office or a movie. Both of us are lost without sports, so this is our compromise. It’s such a nice time and he is almost 17. I don’t have too many more years of him at home. I am cherishing each moment.

Crow is a night owl. She is often asleep when we are awake, but then she is around when I am working. She is a nice distraction.

Many days I feel scared of the future. what will happen to the economy? Will the pandemic become worse? Is there more to the virus that we don’t know? What about my parents, how are in their 80s? My grandma who is tuning 99 soon?

I have to refocus myself on today quite often. So much uncertainty….and all out of my control. Clearly most things are. I guess I have learned a lot over the years.

I see many memes about people drinking during quarantine. It makes me very thankful that is not me, and sad that that’s such a common coping mechanism. I do eat more than usual, and much of it is out of boredom, but I just can’t quite bring myself to care. I try to make some good choices and drink enough water and enjoy the extras.

I hope you are all well during this scary time. Tell me some new things you are doing that you enjoy!

Stillness and peace


17 thoughts on “Hello! a check in from home

  1. I think I mentioned to you before I used to work in oil & gas – honestly, I miss it. And I have been trying to get back in for the past few years, but alas it hasn’t happened. Due to the price war between Russia and OPEC, I’m kinda glad I didn’t get back in, since there are so many layoffs in O&G here in the U.S. Luckily, however, I work for a company that is part of the critical supply chain to the defense department, so my job is essential. That’s good. I’m attempting sobriety again – had my last drink March 15th, with a small blip that I pushed away on Sunday, but I’m keeping my sobriety date, because I really don’t want to drink anymore and the flirtation on Sunday with a beer reminded me that I Really don’t want this.
    It’s good to hear you’re doing well and it’s good to be reminded that it is times like this that are so incredibly important to remain sober. Thank you, for this post, it means a lot.

    1. I’m happy you are still trying!
      And you are right…so many layoffs.
      My only hope is my company, where I have worked for 24 years, has never laid people off. I am at the plant site…the closer one is to the oil, the better.

      1. I’m in the oil sands. Our facility is mining, extraction and upgrading bitumen into sweet crude.
        I’m a process engineer, but I have an MBA as well, so I’m now overseeing large capital projects.

      2. That’s so cool! I’ve actually just went back to school to finish my M.S. in Data Analytics. I’m half-way there, but put it on hiatus for a while to go feel sorry for myself in the bottom of a bottle, but now that I put that away, it’s time to grow up and rock this!

  2. Hi Anne, so good to hear from you. Lots of the things you say resonate with me. Cherishing having the boys here (though they like to be plugged into their games and devices whenever they are allowed), worrying about the future and what will happen, enjoying working from home (though I do go into the hospital too) and grateful I gave up booze when I did. I am also eating far too much and lots of crappy, lovely treats but like you, I can’t bring myself to worry about it right now. Lovely post
    Claire xx

  3. Anne, your life sounds very similar to mine at the moment. Kids included. I’m just accepting that this is the way of things at the moment. If I get through this with out putting on 4 stone, I will be happy. X

  4. Love that you have a 99 year old grandma! Mine turned 98 two weeks ago. It’s awful, she is isolated in her senior living condo. I can’t wait to break her out of jail to come for a vacation. Breaks my heart!

  5. Hi, Anne. In glad you’re finding good things amidst the strangeness. My children are doing school from home, and we’re finally getting into a routine. It’s odd to have everyone here…I’m used to being at home all day alone, working in the morning and then picking up the children from school in the afternoon. We’ve all had to make adjustments, and it hasn’t been easy. But we’re getting there. I find myself writing more music and less poetry (and even less blogging, which I always forget about). Music is my escape and relief, and I’m grateful for my little recording setup, even if I now have to share the space with my kids.

  6. Yes. I seemed to have been planning for this for ages.
    I stopped drinking. Life today without alcohol is so much better.
    I stopped colouring my hair last year. Got a pixie cut and so don’t need to worry about regrowth and haircuts.
    I put raised beds on the lawn to hubby’s horror last year. He didn’t get my layout until he flew his drone. He thinks it’s brilliant now.
    I am growing veges from seed inside.
    I am making bread regularly now.
    My habit of reading and writing regularlyhas been with me for years. It helps in times like this.
    Self isolation is not a problem. Yet I do miss seeing the waves of the ocean. I hope the lockdown lifts soon.
    I thought I would get in touch with people I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t.
    Turns out I am really am a hermit after all.
    I do online shopping for everything. I like it a lot.
    Glad you checked in.

    1. You sound very prepared!
      I also thought I would connect more with people. Perhaps this first phase requires a bit of self isolation…it is a trauma occurring to us all…

  7. YAY I have missed you and wondered how you were doing! It is such a different world we are living in right now and as you say above some parts of it are actually rather nice. I am in essentials but only go to work for part of the day and get done what I have to and then go home. It is that part which I am really enjoying as I still have energy left over to do things that I simply don’t have when I am at work full time. Stay safe and stay well my friend xox

  8. Nice to hear from you Anne 🙂 Wow, and yes being in the oil industry really must be something right now ! As for some of the things I enjoy these days: I’m having a baking competition on whatsapp with my family – we are all travelers and live in different countries/cities, bringing in the competitive side helps me feel like we’re together, for some strange reason ^^ I love the candle lit dinner ritual with china, that sounds really lovely. It’s great you have your kids with you! xxx Anne

  9. I am so incredibly grateful for my sobriety right now, along with being able to work from home. My drinking would be a disaster if I was still going today. So many scary things are happening, but at least we are appreciating what we have. I hope you and your family are well.

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