Explore – Word the Year

For a number of year now I have picked a word of the year. This word becomes my intention at yoga, my touchstone to inspire me. Each word has been exactly perfect in both expected and unexpected ways.

In 2019 I picked the word bloom. It was a good choice for me. In my post I added a picture with a quote – when you feel you’re in a dark place and have been buried , sometimes you’ve just been planted, bloom.

I spent much of my year feeling exactly that way. Things were dark, heavy and much of the time i felt confused, in an unfamiliar place and suffocated. It was difficult to understand what had happened to my life and I could not see the light ahead.

I spent a lot of time hibernating. I was deeply depressed. I stayed home. I did less. I cried a lot. Amazingly, as the year went on, the love and support I received from others slowly worked their magic and I began to find myself again. My energy and clarity returned. Unexpected friends appeared. Life became less confining and I felt like myself again.

As 2019 comes to an end I feel like I have left that dark, underground place behind. I have returned to the light, where bloom finally makes sense. Bloom. I am finally free, bright, alive and willing to be seen. The hope that bloom provided actually kept me going many dark days.

Bloom is the grace that has come from the suffering.

So 2020. I asked myself , what do I need for myself now? Immediately the word explore comes to mind. I want to explore life from my own perspective . I want to explore my body feels in yoga, how my heart feels. I want to explore going places on my own. I want to explore Life with my kids, who are growing into adults so quickly. I want to explore who Anne is.

Earlier this year my therapist asked me what my wants and needs are. I couldn’t answer the question it distressed me that I didn’t even know what I like to do or what I need. I’m 48. Have I really ignored me for that long?

2020 is my year to ask…What do I want to the rest of my life to be?

Explore feels exciting, little scary and motivating. Exactly what I need.

Thank you all for your love and support and wishing you a wonderful 2020.

Stillness and peace


Please share your word with me. If you have never picked one, consider it. It’s very empowering to know your intention for the year. It’s magical.

36 thoughts on “Explore – Word the Year

  1. Wishing you a lovely New Year and may 2020 bring you space and peace to ‘explore’. I too felt exactly the same when my counsellor asked what I wanted or hoped for. I couldn’t answer .. 47 and not a clue! Perhaps I should explore too.

    Claire xxx

  2. Wellbeing. Last year was Care.
    I love the word Explore. 🥰

    I too am stuck on the question’What do I want?’ It has been going around my head for a month. I write on it in my morning pages, I think about it in the bath and before I go to sleep. It sounds like such a little question but it’s sooo big. I think the perfectionism in us is making it harder than it should be. I don’t want to screw it up. Rather than thinking I should just try.
    Thinking my word for 2021 is Try.

  3. I don’t have a word, but I get where you’re coming from. I’m 46, and I have only the tiniest idea of what I want and need. Your therapist sounds wonderful. I’m lucky to have a wonderful one, too. 🙂

  4. wowowow Thank you so much Anne !! ❤ "Bloom is the grace that has come from the suffering": this pretty much sums up 2019 for me, and my 2020 resolution was remembering to set intentions (even in yoga I never know what to pick. and for years, the needs/value question also left me at a loss). So you post really resonated with me. Off of the top of my head, my word this year would be FEEL (it condenses many things). May 2020 bring you the most beautiful explorations of yourself and the world, and thank you for spreading the inspiration ❤

  5. Anne, I love this idea!! I’m sorry you had such a hard year, but I think the word “explore” will fit you just right!! There is so many ways that this can be absolutely fitting. Explore your newfound freedom, explore new places, explore new hobbies!! I might add picking a word to my list of things I want to do this year. Eeeeekkkk. That list is getting long. 🙂 Please keep us updated with how this goes for you!! 🙂

  6. “Bloom is the grace that has come from the suffering.” Beautiful words. I’ve never had a word for the year. I think “flow” may be good for me.

  7. I love this idea. I have my high school students who are pregnant and parenting teens choose a word at the beginning of the school year to motivate and focus them. For 2020, I have chosen Balance!

  8. Hey Anne just checking in to see how you’re doing? Hope all is well. How’s the exploration going? My word this year is integrity. To use it as as a mirror for my actions😊

    1. Thank you for asking!
      2020 is going very well! Explore has been a good choice.
      I feel quite calm and steady and open minded.
      Integrity is a very strong word. I like that. I hope you share how it materializes!

      1. Will do. You are an amazing person and mother! Remember that!!! The love you send out is priceless and remember to sit once in a while and let some love enter back within.

  9. I love your word! I hope this year is treating you well, and that you’re discovering as you are exploring… if you’ve any tips on how you get there I’d love to hear.

    Take care of yourself…

    Love, light, and glitter

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