It’s time for me to pick my word of the year for 2019. For the past few years I have done this and the word inspires me when I need a boost. You can look back at my posts to see the history. I have loved every word and I have them all on a charm bracket (plus santosha tattooed on my wrist). I try to listen to the universe in December to see if I can’t hear that little message prompting me to move forward.

This year I have decided that word will be bloom. I came across this post at It captures my current life reality perfectly. I feel somewhat overwhelmed and heavy. It’s scary to be separated after living with someone for 24 years. I am suddenly responsible for everything from driving myself to work to taking the garbage out, chauffeuring kids and caring for pets. And some mornings I want to hide in my bed and wallow in self pity.

The idea that from this pain something new and unexpected might bloom makes me happy. When you look at a seed you would never know that over time it could become a rose or a sprig of cilantro or a watermelon. But inside that seed is that potential, waiting for the right conditions to grow.

And so in 2019 I will strive to give myself the space and opportunity to bloom.

Is anyone else inspired to pick a word? Please comment and let me know!

Stillness and peace,


30 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. when i first got sober a lot of things in life changed for me (my previous life was unsustainable without the crutch of alcohol!) including my marriage of 24 years coming to an end, my job and profession becoming impossible, and my finances taking quite a dive because of it. a wise friend in recovery said to me that it as necessary to have fallow ground for things to grow and this has proved to be the case for me. life is now as i would have designed it if i could have had a blank sheet and i am contented and fulfilled. so my advice would be to hold your nerve and trust in the universe that it will all be ok!

  2. As you know, I went through a similar situation in early sobriety. I remember going to the garden center and buying a peony plant called patience. I knew it would take about 2 years for this particular species to bloom by which time the pain would have subsided. Meanwhile I just worked on keeping my sobriety a priority and minding the kids. In the event we worked things out( excruciating) It took a good 5 years and a lot of meetings if I’m being honest. But, you will be ok. And we are unbelievably strong women and like a flower sometimes we need shit to BLOOM. Love love love to you. Xxx

    1. Yes. Some shit is sometimes needed!
      Thank you for sharing that. Craig is very remorseful, and I sometimes wonder if there is the possibility trying to save things…
      I know neither choice is easy or painless…

      1. Remorseful, wow. A huge start and necessary piece of the puzzle. My ex was never remorseful. A good book if you want to read is called “My husband’s affair became the best thing that ever happened to me” by Anne Bercht. While my marriage didnt make it, I could see why through this book. It was enlightening. It helped me decide which direction to go. You will Bloom in many ways this year no matter which path you choose. Hugs.

      2. Absolutely, in fact sometimes I wondered if working through it was harder. Just do the next right thing, keep it simple and I’m always here Xx

  3. I love BLOOM. New and unexpected, and probably with some green and other colors. My word for 2019 is slow. Using alcohol was part of a compulsion to not slow down, not feel everything, not get caught for being my true self. Slowing down is intensely uncomfortable, but there’s quiet fertility just beyond it to be explored.

  4. My word of the year is Movement! I have been sitting way too much, advoiding things by playing candy crush type games. Movement means growth to me, rather than stagnation! I am 65! I can see the end of life. I won’t be able to give joy to world by just sitting! Love to you, Anne! ❤️❤️❤️xo Wendy

  5. I love the idea of a word to capture what I want 2019 to be. My word is Decision. There is a quote “Don’t make a permanent decision for a temporary emotion.” I am very guilty of this. Now that I have spent the last few years getting to a steady emotional state, I need to make decisions about many things in my life and stick with those decisions. I need to either accept or reject and then make my decision stick. This pertains to work, relationships, exercise, alcohol, diet, etc. I tend to proclaim something in all areas and then fret. If, for example, I love my spouse but hate his disorganization, then I need to be done fretting about messes and just manage them. Or lose the spouse, which I don’t want. Same thing for the other areas, time to move on.

  6. Wow, just wow, what a great word for the year. It also makes me think of the forest fires: horrifying at the time, but then the forest regenerates and the green returns fresh and new. Happy New Year Anne 😊
    Day 914 🌻

  7. What a fantastic post. You bring this timeless tradition back each new year. Hmmm … I’m thinking about it, however, I have made a commitment to have it before midnight. Happy New Year. ♥

  8. I love this tradition. I started it, when I read your post a couple of years back. My word for 2019 is “Completion”, meaning less multi-tasking and running after new things until I have Finished What I Have Started. I am sorry about Craig. Maybe he will realize that the “shiny new things” very soon tarnish when they are built on a foundation of deceit. Love to you for 2019 Anne xxx

  9. New Year Blessings, Anne!
    It is an honor to learn your word of the year and your reflections on its merit and promise for you at this time in your journey.
    I have chosen the word Grace. This is my second year in sobriety and I love the idea of Grace as the spiritual freedom that arises from living in harmony with myself, those around me, and the Universal life-force. I believe that continuing growth takes a measure of tenderness and self-compassion.
    I wish you rest, play, healing, peace, and big bold Blooming in 2019. 🙂
    With Hugs and deep appreciation for your continuing body of work here on this lovely blog,

      1. Are you familiar with Peacebeam? I listen on Insight Timer. They have a new series called “Begin Bright” which are short (all are only 4-5 minutes) meditations about transition and change.
        The service they are offering through their short meditations is so positive and beautiful and super wholehearted.

  10. Still reading and following your story, still rooting for you. And very impressed by the grace with which you deal with adversity. May you bloom in 2019!

    I picked a word for the year: Build. That’s where my energy is going to go.

  11. What a great idea! I have to say your word actually encapsulates how I feel now that I’m about to hit my one year sober – in sobriety I’m ME, I have ME back and now it’s time to be the very best I can be. This doesn’t mean I have to run a half marathon each month or become a bestselling author (but yes, those are dreams of course) – right about now I run 6-7k every other day at a snail’s pace and I post on my blog five times per week on average, and these are huge improvements! Those two things I couldn’t do when I was trapped in the bottle. Just examples of where I’ve started to BLOOM! In real terms I’m a much better wife, mother and friend – present, calm and content. No, I’ve not written a book yet, but I’m finally moving in the right directions. A half marathon is still some way away, but only a year ago running 6k without keeling over seemed an impossibility! I’ll take those victories. Perhaps that’s the most important thing sobriety has taught me: the best me doesn’t have to be insanely high goals, perhaps it’s just doing the best with what I have and not compare myself to others.

    Starting over after such a long marriage must be daunting, but I know you will do well and I think your word describes exactly what you will do: bloom.

    Anna xx

  12. I have been inspired lately by the sunrises and sunsets that are stunning in this part of rural France. So you have now inspired me to pick Dawn as my word, because every dawn is something new. Welcome to my blog by the way, I hope it gives you strength.

  13. your searing honesty in your posts humbles me. Thank you for bravely writing and posting ‘warts and all’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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