Blogging forever? When does it end?

This is a question we all face. Do I keep writing? If so? Why? And what?

I had absolutely no thoughts that I would be wringing a sober blog for 4 years. When I started this I don’t think I even planned to be sober for 4 years….

But here I am.

I continue to blog because I love the connection. I love having a safe space to explore my own though process. I love to share my story in the hopes it might make a difference to someone else. Maybe I could help them, or myself, avoid even a bit of future suffering. This is part of my yoga.

I blog when something inspires or annoys me. After all, it’s my space. I get to say what I want!

I blog when I am scared and struggling. The love and kindness that comes from strangers, the coping strategies and stories. They all help me see myself more clearly. Gh to do that when in the midst of crisis.

And I blog to remind myself that the foundation for my current life is sobriety. This life is formed by honesty, self compassion and contentment. It is important to remember that my drinking life involved lying, shame and self hatred. I know alcohol, was not the sole reason for that, but it was my coping mechanism to avoid dealing with them.

I fear that adding alcohol back into my life would welcome back those negatives as well. It might also shake the mental health stability that I work hard to maintain.

I don’t love in fear of alcohol. I don’t really think about it much. Except to be grateful to myself that I saw the writing on the wall and quit when I did.

I don’t underestimate the power of that gratitude. I have seem people with long term sobriety relapse and it is not fun. I try very hard to make my life as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

For me, the connection to the blogging world is a reaffirmation daily that I accept my sober life as it is and I choose to live it the best way I can. One day at a time.

Stillness and peace


34 thoughts on “Blogging forever? When does it end?

  1. I’ve been blogging since 2007, although not all my blogs had a long life. Inertia took over several times until I started my current blog in 2012. For the first year of it I blogged everyday. It was great and I loved it, but left little time for other pursuits like client projects. So after the year was up, I reduced to once a week and that’s where I’m still at, 6 years later.

    Although my reasons for blogging are very different from yours, I also enjoy the “connection.” I think it’s the same for most of us. Sometimes it feels like work and I’m not in the mood (if I’m going to be perfectly honest), but I think of the “friendships” I’ve made with fellow bloggers and I realize I don’t want to give them up. So I roll up my sleeves and sit down at my laptop and start writing. Again. It’s all good.

  2. I think your blog sums you up perfectly, your sober story, your family balance, your fears and worries, your trust in peace, your desire for others to succeed all wrapped up in the words you write. All of us blog in different ways and in so doing we can be there for anyone who reads and resonates with our story and thinks “thank god it’s not just me”
    Keep on doing what you do as it is ideal as it is. Besides who else would open my eyes to bands I have never heard of ha ha

  3. I think I am not putting in the link properly in my profile for my blog. Let’s see if this one works! Thank you if you visit mine….

  4. I started my recovery blog about 5 years ago and my “professional” blog about 10 years ago. Both have morphed through time. With retirement my professional blog has lapsed quite a bit.

    With my cancer diagnosis about six months ago, my recovery blog has become much more important in my life. Without question, my three decades of recovery from alcohol and drugs were perfect training for living with stage 4 cancer today.

    For me, today I blog on recovery as part of my sharing my experience, strength and hope – or basic AA Step 12 of “carrying the message.” I know too that this blog helps me to clarify things in my own head, too. I get less feedback on the actual blog and more from folks who comment to me in person.

    In sum, it works for me and it works for others, so I will continue writing!

  5. I depend upon the wealth of shared experiences of everyone at every step along their paths. But I am especially grateful for those of you who have continued to post and offer support even after years of sober success. I realize I can’t step away from this community for long or relapse is a potential for me. In hindsight I wonder, had I discovered this online world prior to my huge relapse in 2015 ( after 10 years), if maybe that relapse would not even have happened. I might add, sometimes I write posts without publishing which is basically just journaling but always feels cathartic. So that’s always an option. When I publish a post, it’s like that post wants to be born lol – there is creative drive behind it. Thanks for all you do here Anne and please don’t ever stop 😘xo

    1. I completely understand that urge to write. I usually hit publish when I am done without even proofreading. I feel like that way I am expressing my real thoughts, without trying to impress or filter.
      Your experience is so valuable. Thank you for sharing it.

      1. I love the “unfiltered” approach and wish I could do more of that. I so appreciate that type of post – I will try doing it. Your unfiltereds come out very articulately though and mine come out as disconnected ramblings that end up not getting posted!

  6. I love that you keep blogging. I haven’t felt inspired to write much myself, but when the spirit moves me I’ll post again. In the meantime, it keeps me going to read what you and others share. So thank you!

  7. Don’t ever stop! (Unless it starts to effect you negatively.) I love reading your blogs – the up and the down. You’ve helped me so much through your own writing and also through your comments. It’s hard to explain to someone outside of this sober blogging world how unbelievably supportive it is. I honestly couldn’t have got through my first few months without you guys. Got goosebumps just writing that. I hope one day we can rock out together drinking soda!! You never know! ❤

  8. I’m glad you like sharing your thoughts and feelings! It’s helped me to no degree! Many others as well, I know….and the fact it’s added to your stillness and peace is such a gift. Keep doing what you love!

  9. I love reading your writing Anne, although my own has slid. My energies are directed elsewhere now which makes me sad in some ways but are a more in person expression of the beautiful connection you describe 💖 Thank you for all you bring this community x

  10. I have stopped blogging as you know and i loved the help and getting getting all the crap in my head out by writing .i still have more to write tho i will read more for now and hopfully get on to a creative writing course if ters places left nxt week as iget paid then . If ters a place i will b ter….if its meant to be it will be….i wanna thank you for your kind words whilst i was writing they meant more than you will ever know ty xx

  11. I haven’t been around here very much in the past few months, but it’s somewhere that I turn to when I’m having a hard time and it is SO very nice to see familiar faces. Thank you for continuing to blog on here ❤

  12. This is a great topic. I have been there often. Wondering, “when will this thing end?” A lot of times it is a hassle. I need breaks. Other times, it is a great joy. I’ve seen people come and people go out here. I wish all that go the best. But I have to admit, those that keep coming around build some really strong connection, some bonds. Like you, Anne. If you left, a big part of my connection to the sober community would leave too. So, Here’s to sticking it out! Because that’s what we do.

  13. Dear Anne!

    You have left comments on my own sobriety blog. I haven’t read really anyone else’s blog and I never leave comments, until now! I have saved your blog and you are now part of my rejoining the sober community. Your insights are wonderful. Keep blogging, you continue to help yourself and give so much for all those out there that you unknowingly reach.

    1. Thank you!
      I have been reading your blogger a long time. I forget sometimes because it’s not on WordPress!
      I’m glad you are back. You have lots of experience that will help others too!

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