Thank you

Thank you all for lifting me up when I was down.

There is a power of connection that exists, even here in the virtual blog world, that heals.

I have actually found quite a bit of peace in the fact that this is all out in the open. Yes, last year was poor. I know why, and I have made changes to avoid it. There’s no looming talk. The fear of the unknown is gone. I can stop projecting this conversation in my head.

The night I write my last post I took my son to hockey and he was the star of the game. His joy reminded me that I have so much beauty in my life. That’s work is just one aspect of it. One I just can’t let tarnish the rest.

It scares me sometimes that I can get caught up in that dark dwelling. But when I write about it, and tell my friends about it, and take care of myself, it all becomes simpler. I’m sticking with simple and gentle for a while.

I was supposed to go to a funeral of an acquaintance this weekend. I sent my husband alone. I just didn’t think I had the extra capacity to hold other peoples grief.

So thank you for being there for me. I love you all. And I am here for you too.

Stillness and peace,


12 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I am glad you practice what you preach and took care of yourself when you needed to. You are a tireless cheerleader of all the newly sober and regular bloggers and you deserve to get the love back in droves.
    Like cravings, those feelings pass but at the time they seem overpowering and interminable. Take a breath now and keep up the self care, your life jacket on first.

  2. Your comments always make me feel better, Anne. Though we don’t know each other personally, I’m glad to be on this sober journey with you. Keep up the self-care. : )

  3. You show us how it is helpful to reflect when we have scary experiences. Yes, Anne, you can have a scary experience and still be ok. I can too. Especially when we have each other.

  4. You are so very wise to recognize when you needed to honour yourself first! I think that type of selfcare is imperative and not always easy to do when we feel life’s external pressures upon us. Plus that act of selfcare sets a great example for your children – it’s okay to say No when we need to say No. I’m so appreciative that you shared that 😘

  5. 💜💜💜 hope you’re feeling in better spirits now and it sucks so bad when you’re feeling blue, and like everything is against you. keep smiling you’re doing great xx

  6. I love reading your blog Anne, you’re a huge support to the sober blogosphere and you really do emanate stillness and peace, even while expressing truth in the toughest of times.

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