It’s time for the word of the year.

I have been thinking about this a lot. Over the past few years my word of the year has helped me find inspiration and motivation. Each year I add another word onto my list. Not replacing one word with another, so much as adding another layer, another perspective.

In 2014 i used acceptance, when I was trying to understand my new sober life and things seems scary and hard. Change starts with acceptance. I needed this.

2015 was Love, as my life began to solidify into something beautiful. I learned to truly love myself.

For 2016 I chose Faith, when I needed to stop seeking, and start trusting myself.

2017 was santosha or contentment. The softening into a life of stillness and peace. It has served me well this year, as it was a disruptive year full of recovery from The 2016 wildfire, followed by an economic downturn. Santosha has reminded me that I always have everything I any moment. I just need to close my eyes and breathe.

For 2018 I have thought long and hard. I considered pride. I have had a few hard incidents this year that have shaken my confidence in myself and left me a little tentative and unsure of myself. I wondered if pride was what I needed to regain my self…but no…pride is not the right word for me this year. It is too brash and sharp. It feels too defensive.

Believe feels right. Believe can help me remember that I know who I am. Remember that I don’t always have to justify myself or explain myself. Sometimes people might not get me. Sometimes people might not like me or the choices I make. But that’s ok. I am making the right choices for me and my life.

I believe life is a beautiful, that an open mind can see endless possibilities, that when I do things wholeheartedly I can be proud of my actions, even if the results aren’t always what I expect.

For 2018 I can believe.

If you are a blogger and choose a word of the year please let me know. If you don’t blog maybe you can share your word, if you choose one, in the comments.

Merry Christmas.

Stillness and Peace,


42 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Believe. What a great word! I think I might have to choose this as my word for 2018. I believe I can stay sober. I believe I am where I should be at this moment. I believe I have what what I need right now. It will all work out as it supposed to. This year, I will believe in me.
    I always look forward to reading your posts and today is no different. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Believe is a beautiful word!
    And yes, seriously, once you got the word you got it! My word, joy, came a few weeks ago and, even though it scares me, I really never considered anything else. I just kept trying it on!
    I’m so looking forward to my year of Joy, and yours of believe…hpefull well both posture about it all!

  3. Merry Christmas Anne! I love your practice of choosing a word for the year. I’ve been mulling over a few and am close to a decision. It’s fun to read what the others have chosen-so inspirational!

      1. Here I go, just getting the word in under the wire! I’ve been out in the mountains thinking and without wifi, so no ability to post until now. I’ve decided on “release” .This is a short version of “Let It Go”. It’s time to move on and let the old hurts go, to let old guilt over drinking go, to let treating myself so badly go, to let my identity as a partier go and to just be who I really am now. I’m not a new person, I’ve just-after 549 days -let my old real me emerge. It feels great. Better than great even. Anytime I feel like I’m backsliding, I’m going to whisper my word….release!

  4. Hi Anne, I think the word believe is perfect for you this year. For me I’d like to use the word you chose in 2014…Acceptance.

  5. Anne, this is so beautiful. Believe. For the short time we’ve been sharing this amazing journey, I’ve seen a person (you) that I truly wish I could be face to face with…you have inspired, enlightened and grown in beautiful ways. I think for me, I chose love. The selfless, lay down your life kind. What love is meant to be. Not the parastic, self serving human emotion we often mistake it for. Pride hardens the heart. I’ve been struggling with that one daily. I think believe is perfect.

  6. Love your words these past years! Mine this year is “Believe” as well. At treatment, when we completed, we were given a rock with a word inscribed on it representing what everyone else thought was an appropriate word for us. Mine was believe. I need to believe in myself as others do and remember that I am worth it, that I have a lot to offer and that I can do this! I need to believe…so I am with you in 2018 this year!!! Huge hugs to you and wishing you the BEST year yet!!!

    1. Awesome!
      I hope you write about your experience with believe.
      Trusting ourselves enough to believe in ourself is hard. The world can sometimes be confusing…
      But it might just change everything!

  7. Dear Anne, I love this! Believe is a powerful and positive choice. Pride is a loaded term but I think I know where you were going with it. Thank you for this!
    My word this year is “emerge”.

  8. Hi Anne. Thank you for this inspiring post.
    I have enjoyed reading Lotta Dann’s Mrs. D. books of late. She speaks a lot about “feeling the feels”
    I think my word for the year will be feel.
    I am so grateful to be truly feeling rather than numbing. I want to be really present with my feelings and allow them to just be here until they move on through, moment by moment.
    So glad for your presence in the sober online community.

    1. Thank you.
      Feel is a great word.
      Have you ever read Pema Chodron’s book the places that scare you? It helped me begin to understand what feeling the feels meant…
      Love to you,

      1. Pema has been my companion and guide for many years. I appreciate her wisdom and teachings so very much. Glad you like her too.

  9. I love the word believe. So, so much. I also love your thoughts of using your new word for the year as another layer, and another perspective, instead of replacing your word from last year. What a great way to think of it. I’ve never thought of it that way. I’m going to think of it that way from now on. Thank you 🙂

    My word last year was choice. Lots of choices were made throughout the year last year, ending with the most important choice of all…..choosing to be alcohol free as of December 1, 2017.

    I haven’t chosen my word for 2018 yet, but I’m leaning towards brave, or maybe empowered. I’m still working out a few words in my head. The right on will choose me in the next few days.

    Thank you for your blog! I love it!

  10. I have never heard of this before. I love it!
    I think it would take longer than a year but my word would be ‘be’. Live, be, present In the moment, to be.

  11. Just it wasn’t working in any other space and you advised me to try so hope its working now! Thanks!

  12. I haven’t read your post yet, (will do!) but just wanted to say I cannot believe it’s been a fear since your last word of the year! I remember reading last years post just before I went for a run and spent the whole run contemplating it! I can remember it so well! Wow! X

    1. Ahh love it. And reading your last few years as well. Yours as so good I just want to copy them.. hehe. I have an hours bus journey from the airport so gonna spend some time contemplating my word! X

  13. Love the word and the intentions behind the choice of the word, Anne. When I read it, it felt that is was perfect for you. Your foundation of love and generosity seem to be based on belief, and so it’s like a velvet glove on you. Thank you for sharing this. And happy new year!

  14. Catching up today….I love this post, what a wonderful idea. I chose “wisdom”. Since I first found Sobermummy at the end of 2015 it’s been a journey of discovery. I’ve learned so much about myself but have also learned so much from the posts of others. I think I am finally ready to really embark on my own journey of discovery this year. Thanks for all your continued support!

    1. Something cut and pasted strange. Oops. I meant to say I am finally ready to embark on a new journey this year using all that I have learned, taking that wisdom and moving forward.

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