Annoyed with my body 

I eat well. Lots of vegetables, organic or local meat from my favourite farmer. Gluten free (I am celiac), but not many gf products that are crappy anyways.

I don’t drink or smoke. I practice yoga every day. I usually feel pretty good.

A couple weeks ago, on the way home from Quebec City, I started getting severe heartburn. This is not unfamiliar, I  had stomach problems for years and year. The celiac disease diagnosis made a huge difference, but I am still quite careful about what I eat. I am not sure how I survive the drinking years….unending antacids. But for the past few years I have felt pretty good. 

Anyway. This sudden, severe heartburn was accompanied by intense heart palpitations.  I tried to reassure myself it wasn’t unusual, but by day three of intense pain and a pounding heartI went to emerg. Turns out I was not having a heart attack, but severe heartburn and pvcs, which are benign irregular heartbeats. Whew.

So. I tried nexium. It made me nauseous. I stopped eating. It did not help the heartburn. I tried Prevacid and it made me vomit. I considered fasting longer. Eating only rice. The SCD diet. I became overwhelmed with indecision and frustrated with the pain. Because the pain was horrible. It felt like a knife in my chest. 

After a bit of sulking I had an idea. I went to my Ayurvedic doctor. I was conveniently in edmonton to see Lady Gaga. Fortuitous!

Ayurveda is the medicine of yoga. I have seen this doctor before. I first went in 2015. I had gone into premature menopause/adrenal fatigue during my years of starving and drinking and excessive exercise, and I hoped she could help me get myself back on track.

Within 2 months I was on my way back to normal. After years of hair loss and feeling terrible I felt like I was healing. 

Ayurveda tailors your diet and lifestyle to your dosha. It all starts with good digestion. I am a pitta/kapha. But my vata was out of whack. To help with this I eat warm, nourishing food. I avoid excessive extercise. I do a daily oil massage. Basically I treat myself kindly. I expect almost all sober women could use some vata pacifying!

Anyway, my current issue is aggravated pitta. This happens when it’s hot and when a person skips meals. For a prolonged period of time. Hmmm. I have been travelling quite a bit and when I am unsure of what to eat, or I get over hungry, I don’t eat. And I had lost some weight. My close fit better. I liked the feeling. Maybe a bit too much.

For me, not eating is a coping mechanism. It lets me feel like I am in control. It is not a coping mechanism that works well for me. Maybe it did once, but now it just adds to my anxiety and in a state of semi starvation I am irrational, easily rattled and hangry.

 Excess pitta creates heat. Causing heartburn, fast heart rate, sweating. It even explains my sore, red eyes. 

So I came home with a bunch of supplements and some plans to ensure I eat breakfast every day. Ayurveda recommends foods that are cooling and sweet for pitta and forgoing pepper, spicy foods and sour foods. I will be adding some fruit and some warm milk as well. I will let you know how it goes!

It all makes sense when I think about it. Digestion and health are like everything else. They require regular evaluation and effort. And perhaps some open minded ideas about heaLth and nutrition.

So, that’s my story for the weekend. I hope you are all well!

Stillness and peace,


32 thoughts on “Annoyed with my body 

  1. I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well, but I love your solution. Auyerveda is so fascinating to me. I m vata/pitta, tho highly vata. I have just changed my food because i have been feeling like hell and been eating sugar every day…so I am currently sugar/gluten and dairy free. However…once I get a little momentum going on the no sugar thing I am going to find an auyervedic doctor and work on my overall health.
    I do the oil masage most mornings and love it.
    It is all yoga…

    1. Thank you!
      You should just go now. Ayurveda is pretty encouraging of dairy and some sugar…you might find a difference balance than you expect.
      When I switched to stewed apples with ghee for breakfast I was sure I would miss protein and feel poorly. But I was wrong.
      I keep trying to just follow the suggestions without too much judgement.

      1. yes, I know that, especially for Vata however I need to get off the ice cream…i got it bad! lol…i actually stood at the sink and emptied 3 (opened) pints into the garbage disposal last Sunday night! Reminded me of the booze I dumped…and kind of felt like it. I’m actually taking a little workshop on the 16th, and I was going to take a cooking class the 19th but i’m going to be in a restorative yoga training, so…

  2. Wow I had to google that.
    I am the most un-meditated, un-yoga, un-aware individual on the planet. I need to make this step of responsibility (for myself) and start taking care of me.
    thanks Anne.
    M xx
    PS love the Lady Gaga interview with Prince William about PTSD

  3. As a conventionally trained nurse I am fascinated by this Anne! I have an interest in complementary medicine as my sister used to own a health food shop and alternative therapies treatment room but this is amazing to hear and so pleased you are on the road to gastric recovery 🙂 xx

  4. Anne, are you quite sure this was not cardiac pain? Commonly mistaken for heartburn – the suddenness and intensive pain accompanies by heart palpitations would make me want you to have an EKG (or ECG in the uk) at the VERY least. Sorry xxx lily 🌷x

    1. Thank you for your concern! I truly appreciate it.
      I’ve now had 2 ecgs. The pvcs are almost constant. It’s extremely scary, as it is not my norm.

      Don’t worry. I’m still seeing my gp. I am not discounting other issues. We did some thyroid screening too. Hashimotos and celiac disease go together often.


  5. Happy to hear that’s you’re getting a handle on your digestive issues. I don’t think that our unusually long,hot and where I am -smoky- summer has helped us either.Too hot, lousy sleep an no interest in preparing healthy food. I’m almost looking forward to winter! Ayurvedic medicine sounds interesting, I’ll have to do some research on it!
    Day 402 🌻

    1. Awesome! Just awesome!
      Do some reading. It’s fascinating and unbelievably powerful.
      Even simple changes like not drinking ice water helped me immensely.
      So happy to hear you are doing well!

  6. Don’t know if you know the people- Dr Ladd of the Ayurvedic Institute and Dr Drouillard- they not have excellent web sites with lots of info and recipes- Dr
    Drouillard’ s site- Like de Spa even has seasonal grocery lists! I’m Pitta -vataVata so I know what you’re talking about!

  7. Anne, I’m sorry you going through this. Heartburn and stomach probs are the worst. The OTC acid reducer works for me but I don’t know what I would do if it didn’t. Hope you are feeling better!! Stupid body!! Haha!!

  8. Funny you should mention the Ayurveda. I stopped drinking (for good) at an Ayurvedic retreat in the mountains. The food is so healing! It makes me feel amazing, even after just a few days. I’m going to buy my first Ayurvedic cookbook today. I wish you could get the commission.
    I am sending you loving, healing thoughts, because I know that works as well. 💕

  9. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for sharing! I had heard of Ayurveda but did not know what it was. I will definitely look into this more. Hope you find some relief soon!

  10. Hope you are feeling better real soon. Sounds scary, glad you got it checked out. I hope the Ayurvedic way helps.

  11. I am so glad it wasn’t anything more serious, that must have been frightening for you. Watering and feeding ourselves regularly and not skipping meals is a daily practice like everything else it seems. My mom told me about Ayurveda I shall check it out. xxx

  12. I hope you are feeling better! Thankyou for sharing all of this – I’m definitely looking into Ayurveda now!!!

    1. It’s actually working extremely well. I still have Herat palpitations, but my heartburn is gone and I feel great.

      I know the secret is consistency and continuing to plan my meals.
      Thank you for you comment!

  13. I grew up eating a lot of spicy foods and as I’ve gotten older, the digestive issues have become unbearable. I can still eat a few spicy items but I can tell that my body is having the hardest times trying to break it all down. Abdominal pains, cramping, constipation…those can be the worst times but never the best times. I hope you are feeling better.

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