A lesson I learn over and over

I used to love food. I used to love wandering the streets of a different city and finding a cool menu to try.

Being celiac and eating gluten free means this is no longer possible. I do best to plan ahead and often must compromise and eat atchsin restaurants (or from the grocery store) to endure I get what I need.

But somehow the allure of the busy, tourist street calls and I think…today. Today I will find the right place. (Well, yesterday. This was a yesterday experience). It will appear if we just look long enough…

Of course, in the mean time I get tired and hungry and thirsty and angry. My poor daughter who is 12 and mainly concerned about herself, doesn’t understand. Meltdowns occur. Fortunately we are both quick to apologize and move on. Dinner was eaten from Starbucks. Dream bars and nuts go a long way! 

And, of course, the night ended with the Gorillaz! So it was ok!

Today I decided to do this differently. We decide where to eat before leaving the hotel. We go directly there. We get a table with a beautiful view and the most delicious gluten free bread I have had in years. 

I know the easy way. I just need to remember to follow it. It’s advice that works in every aspect of my life.

Stillness and peace


9 thoughts on “A lesson I learn over and over

  1. Keeping it simple – you are so right.
    I can relate to wanting to find the perfect place to try and dragging everyone around until we do. it just goes belly up with kids and husbands – I remember that one well when I was in Paris a few years ago.
    M xxx

      1. Haha it won’t go with all your others Anne… but us adventure seekers perhaps need it as a badge on our handbags, purses etc so we don’t forget.

        It is great to read that it isn’t just me – this is the story of this whole sober experience and the wonderful community of people in blog-world, it is never “just me”. I don’t feel like I am the only one for almost anything anymore!

        M xxx

  2. Wow. The path of least resistance.

    I relate to the urge to make things more complex than they need to be or actually are. Sometimes finding the easier way is a lot harder than it needs to be.

    Wishing you peace and stillness as well.

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