Celebrating life

Hi all.

I have to post. Today is my 18 year wedding anniversary. 

After over 20 years being drinking buddies we have now been sober together for 3 1/2 years. These have been some of the absolutely best years of our life together. Change is possible.

I love you Craig.

Stillness and peace,


40 thoughts on “Celebrating life

  1. Wishing you a wonderful wedding anniversary and soberversary together. Many you celebrate many more together. Thank you for sharing this today, it really lifted my spirits on this dark, cold and wet winter’s morning down here in New Zealand 🙂🇳🇿🌏🙋🏽

  2. I love what Kary May said about choosing each other all over again.
    So beautiful guys!
    Looking as your husband’s face Anne – he has the same look of happiness and love in his eyes as he does on his wedding day!
    You can’t fake that – very touching

    Thanks for sharing this
    Michelle xxx

  3. Happy anniversary, you both look the same and very happy. It’s nice to both be on the same page. You look so happy! x

    1. It is nice to be on the same page. For many of the years I tried to moderate we weren’t. He was not interested in quitting. He was fine being being a heavy drinker.
      I never anticipated that we would both end up sober. But I am forever thankful.

  4. I read this last night before bed, had to mention it out loud to my bf about one of my sober bloggin friends. Super cool, 18 years congrats!! Hope you two had a fantastic evening xx

  5. Congrats! I admire the way you two get out and go to concerts and such. Thanks for showing us all that sobriety doesn’t mean staying in! What a team!

  6. What a lovely post. Congratulations to you both and here’s to a lifetime of happiness and growth (and loads of concerts with strange bands i have never heard of)

  7. Massive congratulations! Sorry a little late! I think it’s so amazing you sober together and can share and remember the highs and lows.
    Loved seeing the wedding pic too. Both looking happy and gorgeous then, and now. Here’s to many more xxx

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