A Weekend of Rock (and rain) on the Range

Craig and I spent the weekend in Columbus, Ohio at Rock on the Range.

It turned out to be a weekend of highs and lows.

En route to Ohio news surfaced that Chris Cornell had died. Soundgarden was scheduled to be the headliner Friday night and it was one band I really was looking forward to seeing. Last summer we had seen Chris Cornell’s solo acoustic tour. He was amazing…and in 1995, when Craig and I were first dating, we saw Soundgarden in Calgary. 

So it was a sad start to the weekend, but many of the bands played songs in tribute. The show went on. Like life must.

During the weekend there were also 2 incidents of bad weather that resulted in a full evacuation of the stadium. It just highlighted the continued PTSD we have from last summers evacuation. Once the call to go was made Craig insisted we get in the car and get away asap. I didn’t want to leave. Denial is strong…but I agreed that not getting trapped in a parking lot was a good idea and we ended up back at our hotel, safe and sound. If shaken.

Otherwise the bands were awesome. Seether, I Prevail, the offspring and Chevelle were highlights. Metallica was great…but by the time they played Sunday night I was exhausted and completely spent. I just am too old for 4 days of standing in crowds in the sun/rain/wind!! We spent a lot of time in the VIP tent. Watching others I wonder how I ever survived these things drinking…but I realize I never went to things like this drinking because I knew I would never have been able to pace myself through the day and I would have had huge crowd anxiety.

Ah, the joys of sober fun! You absolutely can’t beat it. Watching people carry their friends around only reminds me of where I never want to be!

We highlighted the weekend with matching tattoos. Shocker, as all Craig’s tattoos are skulls and daggers, but this one worked for us both. 

Stillness and peace!


21 thoughts on “A Weekend of Rock (and rain) on the Range

  1. Awful news about Chris Cornell. Metallica are on my must see… I just booked an appointment for a new tattoo yesterday! Mind you I have to wait 5 months for the guy I want🙂When did tattoo artists become so rock starrish? I love going to gigs sober, festivals can be a bit challenging though, I prefer small venues. 🙂

    1. I was just exhausted. Monster and red bull can only keep me going for so long.
      It was fun for once a year.
      I did like shiprocked better. Being on a cruise ship means things are all close and you can always return to your cabin for quiet.
      Being trapped in the stadium with no re entry is tough.

  2. I am so sound about Chris Cornell…and so sorry that you had to be disappointed there. What a voice…so sad.

    meanwhile, I don’t know what that tattoo means and i’d like to
    it looks cool tho!

  3. Ok I still don’t completely get it but hey I never was that cool anyway. The only thing about South Park I know about is Chocolate Salty Balls [sniggering childishly] as I have never seen an episode.
    Sorry to hear about the weather evacuations, I cannot imagine what that initial wave of “oh no, not again” must have been like. You made it through and still managed to complete the weekend, well done.
    I am thinking about another tattoo for my one year, thinking about a Phoenix rising from the fire, cheesy I know but hey it’s my body.

  4. You are a music trooper I must say. I rarely went to concerts – and when I did I was blasted. Amazing how you can have fun sober!

    And yeah, sad about Cornell, and also heartened to see so many musicians and artists talk about depression and add to the discussion.

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂


  5. I love this post, how you had a blast over four days and SOBER!!! Way to go!!! I now genuinely believe life can be sooooo much better without alcohol. You saw your fav bands, remember what happened and didn’t miss a beat.
    I was also gutted when I heard about CC. Music legend. His acoustic work is something I’m sure I will listen to for as long as I live. And as for Metallica, well they’re legends also – what an amazing experience! xoxo

  6. So sad about Chris Cornell, I adored him. Glad you had fun and sad to hear about the incident that brought back the memories of the fire. I’m going to see Guns and Roses next month, cant wait!

  7. Wow – what an emotional weekend. Was such sad news about Cornell. I got to see soundgarden a couple of years ago because they accidentally realised tickets for a $150 festival for $2. Black sabbath headlining! Actually, I don’t remember a thing past about 5pm… to this day I still don’t know if I ended up kissing a friend that night…. blurring visions of us holding hands…
    so, here’s to being sober at gigs!
    But really am sorry to hear about the two evacuations too. Glad it seems like overall it was a good weekend and hope you’re now feeling rested emotionally and physically xx

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