If you are also a sober nerd…like me…you may enjoy these…

My life isn’t all rock concerts! Sometimes I go to comic expos!

Some day I hope to be as cool as my daughter…until then I’m just along for the ride. Clear headed and ready for anything!

I’m so glad I’m no longer sitting on the couch, staring into my wine glass and wondering how life passed me by!

Stillness and peace,


14 thoughts on “If you are also a sober nerd…like me…you may enjoy these…

  1. It’s amazing how much time you free up when wine isn’t your favorite hobby. I’m sitting here thinking, “What should I do today?” That never happened while drinking. I had to FOCUS on the all important happy hour.

  2. Love it! I used to be a secret nerd. Now I’m out of the ‘nerd closet.’ My wife made fun of me for reading Game of Thrones (before the show became a hit and made nerding acceptable to the masses), she used to call it ‘Game of Nerds.’ Until she picked up the book one day and got hooked herself. Ha! Now she has fully embraced her inner nerd as well.

      1. Blimey – well done. That is staying power. Fab time with your daughter though. Its always nice one on one I think. My daughter came into bed with me last night – husband was away. She said how much she likes having time together, just me and her xxx

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