Omg I’m getting old & I Prevail

So…I have a stress fracture in my foot. I am not a runner. I practice a lot of yoga..vigorous and still. And I spend a good amount of time standing at concerts. Lol

Somehow these things, combines with some thinner bones from celiac disease and maybe years of strparving and drinking, have resulted in a fractured fifth metatarsal so I am currently galumphing along in an air boot. It’s very stylist. Lol. I am not happy to have to limit my activity. I’m trying to not freak out…

Anyway, on the weekend hubby and I headed south to see I Prevail. I tried to back out…claiming injury…but Craig didn’t want to go without his favourite sidekick (I have to say that was a definitely plus in all this. It’s nice to know he likes being with me as much as I like being with him).

So we went to Edmonton to see I Prevail. 

It turned out they were playing in a bar. We usually see bands at bigger venues and for some reason thought this was a university hall. Nope…nightclub that hosts bands. It was interesting. I not big on bars. I don’t really love sitting beside the bottles of open liquor. I don’t want to drink them, but still…they seem looming when there.

The show was 16+ and the drinking seemsed fairly controlled. And wow, the crowd was young. I’m guessing the average age was in the lower 20s….I never usually feel old at 45, but in a nightclub, wearing a walking boot. Sober. I did.

Of course, the band was excellent. And once they play I don’t really care about the rest. I enjoy the live music and the clear love for performing that the bad had.

One of the band members spoke of a friend who had recently committed suicide. He told of his own struggles with depression. He encouraged anyone and everyone in the audience to recognize their innate worth, to know that they belong, and to ask for help if you find yourself struggling. I wish I could figure out how to link their song Alone….

It was a great message. One I try to both share myself, and follow. When a metalcore band can speak up during a set with a message like that, I know things are only getting better.

So remember…you are worthy. You deserve to be happy. Others want the best for you too.

Stillness and peace


27 thoughts on “Omg I’m getting old & I Prevail

      1. Working too much mostly. Having the most difficult job I ever had in my life so I need all the energy I have to well, stay live through it till the project goal is reached. Not sure we’ll get through the audit. So yeah, work, work, work, work, work and little play. Need to turn things around but it is not easy. Running into all my favorite traps: perfectionism, solving other peoples problems before my own, falling in love with the wrong person (although I got that more or less sorted out, hurray!!!! Finally!!!! :-D) . And off to bed here.
        xx, Feeling
        xx, Feeling

  1. ❤
    Sorry to hear about your fracture, I hope that it heals quickly for you.
    Sounds (and looks!) like a fun night out you had!
    I searched for the I Prevail Alone on youtube and I'm listening to it right now. He has a great voice 🙂

  2. I think you look very young!
    And pretty!
    I love your long hair, and I wish I could grow mine out again, but I think it would be way to painful!
    I think you should put all of the pictures of you with bands in a book, or a special powerpoint! With music!
    I hope you heal fast!

    1. Thank you!
      That’s exact,y what Craig said. I’m going to make him a photobook. Something to keep track of where we have been and who we see.
      My hair is super curly. Long is the simplest choice. Dry shampoo is my best friend!

  3. I’m so glad you are using the boot!!! I got a stress fracture almost two years ago – and the advice I got was ‘maybe wear a boot – if you want.’ Everyone Else I know who had the same thing was told they had to wear one (I would have happily done if I’d actually been told to!) wore one – foot got better… I still have major issues (you’ve probably read my foot rants!!)
    Before I got sober anyway so still was always just pushing myself and not listening to my body!! Doh! Sober Weeze knows better!

  4. My knee brace and I have become firm friends of late. Maybe we should get together and have a celebration with your boot!
    You and your husband seem to have a lot of fun together. The band sounds good.

  5. I love reading about your live music adventures with your hubby…you guys always look like you’re in your happy place in your concert pics 🙂
    Sending healing thoughts your way.

  6. Anne you are a legend! I agree with Wendy you look lovely and you are rocking that boot. The more people talk about depression openly the better. That sounds like an amazing moment. xxxx

  7. Ouch…I hope your foot heals really soon. What a lovely post and a great reminder that was timely for me at the moment. Thank you.

  8. I like it when those in the public eye speak openly – Ben Afflick has today spoken of his troubles, if that helps one more person reach out then it’s of immense value.

  9. Hi Anne! Wishing you healing and peace during your recovery. For someone who is used to being so active and unencumbered, I can only imagine how much that boot and the injury itself are weighing you down both physically and mentally/emotionally. I’ve had to wear one before, and I know they are not fun, but I hope that you are literally back on your feet in no time flat, and that this will all just be a memory soon. I’m glad you are out and enjoying your life despite your injury. Life doesn’t stop! There is still joy to discover, even if your recovery from your fracture doesn’t quite go as expected (I hope that it does, or better than expected!) Your story of the band’s amazing vulnerability is a reason for hope. Thank you for sharing their story and yours. Hugs!

  10. I agree with Wendy, you don’t look like you’re getting old in your pics. And you never ever sound jaded – even now with your stress fracture (which I hope heals soon x). Reckon it’s your joie de vivre shining through. Thanks for sharing as always Anne, you’re a star.

  11. It’s so uplifting hearing your stories and seeing your awesome photos of getting out there and living such a full life.

    Equally uplifting is hearing about your loving partner in crime and it makes me think that if I ever have another “love” in my life I will make sure we actually LIKE each other

    Lots of love to you and your poor foot
    Michelle xxx

  12. Sorry I missed this post. Know that you are in good company with the boot (and yes, I’m still in it, unfortunately). I’m told it’s better than being casted, so I suppose we can be grateful for that! Hope your time in the boot is not as long as mine (10 weeks and counting for me)…

  13. Wow nothing stops you when it comes to seeing bands! That is totally cool, and what is even better is that band talking about depression and such. I think it really is becoming less mystifying and such. And Wheezer? Wow – I loved their early stuff (I sound hipster there I know). That should be fun!

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