Unexpected memories…Garth Brooks

I went to see Garth Brooks on Sunday. I know…not my usual scene!

But we are in Edmonton to see Billy Talent tonight and Garth is here playing 9 sold out shows. So I decided to get with the program and go.

25 years ago I loved Garth Brooks. My then boyfriend like country music and we frequented country bars. Garth Brooks was popular.

Years have passed and Garth has been in retirement for most of them. THe last I remember he had become unglued and remade himself as pop singer Chris Gaines before retiring to stay home with his kids. After that I never followed country much. I was at university and then Craig and I met and moved to fort mc.

So Sunday was a real shocker. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I knew almost all the songs. All the word. So many memories. I cried. More than once.

His singing is just so heartfelt and beautiful. His enthusiasm was unparalleled. I have seen many excellent bands this year, and enjoyed them, but this was a a tribute to fans from across the years. He played all his old hits. Who doesn’t like The Dance? Unanswered Prayers? Friends in low places? I didn’t sit the entire time!

The show was amazing. And for the encore he comes out alone, guitar in hand, and plays all the songs requested on signs. By himself. His ability to remember the lyrics to all these songs on a moments notice was shocking.

I’m so glad I went. It filled my heart.

Stillness and peace


21 thoughts on “Unexpected memories…Garth Brooks

  1. I am not a big Country fan but grew up in a home where Country music ruled! There is nothing better than a good live concert with a great performer. I am so glad that you enjoyed the occasion.

  2. What an incredible concert! It sounds like he was a very humble performer without any of the airs of fame or inflated ego. I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful and heartfelt experience!

  3. Nothing like live music…love it. The feelings of nostalgia music can bring up are unbelievable, almost like travelling back in time. X

  4. How great! There is something about a song that can just grab us by the heart, yes? My brother, not really a country fan, saw GB last year and said it was a phenomenal show.

  5. I am not a big country fan, but there are a few artists I will listen to.
    But I want to hear about Billy Talent! I was listening to their first album the other day – man they are good. They were being interviewed the other day on the radio. It was cool!

    1. They were great. Lively. The whole family went. Life is getting fun now that the kids are interested!
      But the count hold a candle to Garth Brooks. He was just unbelievable.

  6. Sounds like a great time, makes me wish I’d thought to check his show when he passed through my town. Next time!!! Keep on rockin’ Anne!

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