Excellent advice for anyone on the sober journey…

Hurrah for coffee has written a great post full of truth. Please check out her blog!



What my lapses and relapses have tought me.This is a post for myself to refer back to if I EVER feel like drinking again. If this helps anyone else that is awesome too. I had 5 years sobriety in my 20’s but was white knuckling it alone. Then in my 30s 2and half years then another year and half. Then a couple […]

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6 thoughts on “Excellent advice for anyone on the sober journey…

  1. That was a great read and I followed as well. Everything is so true. I’m still in awe of the fact that you can’t go back to how you drank before, you just can’t. You can try but you’ll hate yourself. It just can’t be undone once you’ve seen alcohol for what it really is. Such a blessing, we are all very fortunate to have that knowledge 🙌🏼

  2. Great post. Always looking for another great blog! And having reminders is so important. Especially when that crazy part of our brain starts talking. It can be so loud!

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