Blink 182 Twice!

Sober rock saga continues.

Saturday we drove 3 hours to see blink 182. We had VIP tickets and got to meet and talk to the band! They were great…in a, touring is tiring and not glamorous way. It makes me appreciate the show that they put on even more!

Because Saturday was SO AMAZING we decided to see them last night in Calgary. Instead of VIP it was general admission in the beer fuelled Cowboys tent. It is stampede week here. So bans are playing in an enormous tent set up in a parking lot. Think a thousand drunks wearing cowboy boots and spilling beer.

Yes, it was a gong show. Crowd surfing and fights. And I loved every minute of the show! Not for one second did I wish I was one of the drunk girls in line for the port a potties or staggering around! 

Tonight we see House of Pain….

Stillness and peace


16 thoughts on “Blink 182 Twice!

  1. Ok Anne at least this time I know who the band are. Phew! I was starting to feel very mumsy when I actually thought I was cool ha ha. Great to see you both looking so happy, I know they are photos but you do look like you are having fun.

  2. I’m laughing, Anne. “Tonight we see House of Pain….Stillness and Peace”

    Life is full of contradictions. Nice to be grounded as we navigate them.

  3. I read this when you first posted it, and I’m sorry it took me a little while to comment. I love your I-won’t-be-defeated attitude during your sojourn in Calgary, and I especially love the photos of you with the band!

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