This weekend it was Lamb of God…and an update

This weekend marked my Our 17 weeding anniversary. 17 years! Yikes…we must be getting old.
We celebrated by going to see Lamb of god (with corrosion of conformity and clutch). It was actually a bit heavy for me, but I had fun with craig.

Note-Craig’s eyes are red for severe allergies to Calgary. Still both sober here!

Anyway…its been over a month since we evacuated Fort McMurray. We have settled into a semi routine in Calgary. We are living is the most beautiful condo overlooking a river and 2 blocks from work (I returned to work last week in our calgary office…). It is unfurnished, so we are semi camping is a beautiful, upscale home. I love it!

Craig returns to our house last night. It is very smokey. We were hoping our area had avoided too much smoke exposure, but it looks like some heavy duty cleaning will be required. That will be assessed this week and a plan created. Sigh. I am thankful craig is willing to deal with this. I desperately want to go see myself, but I know he will take care of us.

We have decided to stay in calgary until the end of July. There is still a boil water advisory in effect in Fort mc, and the city is in recovery mode. I have been so anxious and undelleted since we left. I feel like I need some consistency. So I am creating it for myself.

I have found a nearby yoga studio -yoga Shala and have been attending Mysore practice every day. It continues to amaze me how much there is to learn. And how significantly the physical practice of yoga can settle my mind.

I see many, many posts about fellow evacuees drinking to cope. Drinking to take their minds off the problems. Drinking.

It all seems sad to me. Sad and tiring. Is doesn’t bode well for the future.

The truth is, there is no relief from anxiety , relaxation or solution in a bottle. Instead, sobriety keeps me aware and prepared to do whatever must come next. 

I have found good support in calgary. I am going to try a new therapy to try to resolve some of my constant anxiety. I’m excited to do this. So many opportunities in a big city!

Have a great week.

Stillness and peace


32 thoughts on “ This weekend it was Lamb of God…and an update

  1. It is wonderful to hear you have found peace and contentment in Calgary. It’s hard work but so worth it.

    1. Just read back a bit, so pleased you didn’t drink through the absolute stress you have been through. Good to see you settled a bit x

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    17 years is wonderful!
    I am very happy you have found a yoga studio and support.
    There is no solution found in a bottle.
    The bottle won’t help clean, won’t help find real support, won’t give us what we truly crave…connections.
    Big Hugs!!

  3. I am so happy you are liking your new digs! It sounds lovely. I hope your husband can get everything straightened out at your home. You seem to have handled this very very difficult situation with dignity and grace..and sober. You truly are an inspiration…xo

  4. Congratulations on your 17th wedding anniversary!! You’re coping so brilliantly, and making the very best of a bad situation. Keep in touch, it’s great to hear from you xx

  5. You are so right in what you say about anxiety and drinking. It doesn’t help. If wine had helped I might have continued drinking but it was a lousy solution! I have never tried yoga but hear lots of good things about it. I’m too fat though, I’d probably get stuck in some mystical knot and have to be rescued!!

  6. Can you imagine what your stress and anxiety level would be if you were drinking? Can you imaging having to deal with all of this and hangovers, too?

    What in the world were we thinking all those years when we thought drinking was a cure or a salve?

    Happy 17th “weeding” anniversary. Somehow “weeding” seems appropriate, we constantly have to keep on top of those weeds to make sure they don’t overrun our marriage.

  7. So happy to hear an update from you and yours, Anne. Happy anniversary! I continue to keep you in my thoughts. You are incredible, and you are strong. Yow! So much grace in the midst of upheaval and turmoil.

  8. Anne, I’m so glad you’ve found some good support to help you get through this, and you’re wise enough to know what you need to help you feel more settled despite the huge disruption. Wishing you a happy anniversary! xo

  9. Hi, Anne! You sure have a high tolerance for concert arenas;)
    I feel really sorry for the people who are drinking to deal with being evacuated. Enjoy your condo and how nice you can work the local office.

  10. Happy anniversary Anne! And thanks for the update. I’m glad you are seeking comfort with your yoga. You’re lucky you have that to keep you grounded. I have been thinking about you a lot. I hope you get back home one day when everything had settled down. A x

  11. Happy anniversary! And I’m glad (though not at all surprised!) to hear your update and making the most of what is around you. You really are wonderful at reminding us all what is most important. I see so many ‘inspirational’ articles, quotes, photos on social media – but don’t believe the authors. Body positive and mindful – when obsessing and posting tonnes of pictures each day and being online all the time…? Hmmm…doesn’t quite fit for me.
    But you – dealing with real life, and being honest about the good and the bad, the struggles and successes. This is the real deal inspiration for me. I’m sorry you’re going through all this though- I’m sure sometimes you think, I don’t want to inspire I want to be in my old house practicing at my old studio!
    I hope things go as well as they can at your house- and sending you sunny posi vibes from London (even though I think a bird just pooped on me!!) xx

  12. So happy to read this update, and what an inspiration you are to the rest of the world. Seriously. And I seriously wish I could get into yoga as you have 🙂 Looking forward to reading about the return home; in the meantime, enjoy your “glamping!” 😉

    1. It always amazes me at how much I love it.
      Even at 5:30 am, when I am stiff and slow.
      It has reconnected me with my body. And given me an appreciation of having a body…not because it can do crazy poses, because I rarely do anything fancy.

      It’s just a place to find peace. Inside.

  13. Thanks for the update Anne and congratulations to you and your husband.

    It’s good to hear that you are able to continue your yoga practice.
    You recommended more therapy to me some time ago and I am so glad you did. Its wonderful. I hope yours is too.
    Thank you
    xx Claire

  14. good to hear from you and to see your smiling face! sending you hugs and sunshine from England. the roses are just starting to bloom here and I wish I could send you a posy from my garden for your Calgary bed-side table. lots of love, Prim xxx

  15. Anne, your positivity is a real tonic (without the gin, clearly) for the rest of us and you make ne feel humble as my tiny little problems are given some real perspective. Good luck and wishing you and your hubby well.


  16. Glad to see you climbing out of the wreckage still without the drink. Good on you! I have a personal friend who worked up there and has had his life changed by this as well. (((Hugs)))

  17. You are making it look easy and yet I know it isn’t. This situation had taken its toll on many people, who are collapsing emotionally, financially, and personally from the burden. Your strength through this ordeal is awe inspiring, truly. Happy anniversary and congratulations on this life you have built together, which is strong enough to find happiness during difficult times. What a treasure!

  18. Hi Anne I haven’t been around for a while so I didn’t realise what an awful time you have had. Hope things improve and you are a great example of how to get through crises in life sober. Lots of love x

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