Quick hello

Hi there. I miss this world. I’m reading. But, but my life is so unsettled. I’m thinking of you all and sending everyone love.

I’m ok. We are still evacuated. We are still staying with my parents. I’m not sure how good that is for me emotionally, but I’m honestly tired and moving seems complicated. The fire continued to burn in Fort McMurray. It is difficult to live in such uncertainty and chaos, but I am focusing on today. Period.

I continue to go to a lovely yoga studio called yogadotcalm. There is a beauty and strength there that reminds me of my own. I’m practicing the full ashtanga primary series. I am learning so much. It is amazing.

Some days my stillness and peace are easy. I look at my kids s d they are safe and ok. Some days it is harder and I cry and wish I could go home, go to work, teach yoga at the y or the recovery centre. I grieve the change.

But I remain aware these are the ebb and flow of life and if I go with that it takes much less energy than fighting the current.

All your thoughts and prayers have lifted my spirits. Thank you!

Stillness and peace 


25 thoughts on “Quick hello

  1. Please stop for a moment to appreciate how incredibly well you are dealing with this. In the face of what has to be one of the most difficult, challenging, frightening, tragic times you are strong, determined, courageous and finding peace. It is a tour de force!!

  2. Now is the time to draw on everyone here and around you. You have invested so much of yourself in us you can step away and focus on you and your immediate family. Needless to say, as long as you are gone, as silent as you are, you will be welcomed back with cheers and love whenever that is.

  3. Hi Anne,
    Glad to hear that you are all as ok as can be in a situation like this. :-/ Sending hugs and hoping that you and your fellow citizen can return safely to your house as quickly as possible.
    xx, Feeling

  4. You’re an inspiration! It is so clear how the hard work you’ve done on your sobriety has allowed you to handle this crisis with grace and courage. Your kids are so lucky to have you, as a protector and a model. Sending all my hopes for cooling rains!

  5. I miss you so it was great to see your post. Glad you are taking good care of yourself and your family. Didn’t know you teach at the Y. So do I!

  6. More love to you from the UK here too Anne. So glad to hear you and your family are safe. It sounds like you are drawing strength from the change, as unsettling and upsetting as it is. Thinking of you x.

  7. So glad you are making it through this horrible situation….you are showing amazing strength to be able to maintain sobriety, be there for your children, and fight through all the emotions you must be feeling along with the discomfort of being displaced and uncertain of what lies ahead. You are an inspiration and a testimony that even in hard times, alcohol won’t solve or even help our problems in life. Keep going and stay positive….you have so much support and love coming your way 🙂 Massive hugs being sent to your entire family!!!

  8. I can’t even imagine how horrible it must be to be uprooted from your home and your life. We are thinking of you here in the US. Hope you can go back soon and rebuild your lives. Hugs to you

  9. I’m with everyone here that your strength through all this is such an inspiration, but can only imagine how incredibly tough this is for you to hold it together. Sending lots of hugs. X

  10. Love and strength, my friend. I always wished you’d move closer but not under these circumstances! Still I’m going to are advantage of the chance to come visit. See you soon. Xoxo

  11. Anne I’m not good at saying the right thing during a crisis….but please know I’m thinking of you and I’m inspired by your grace…I wish I were closer so I could bring over a casserole or soup and some coffee and just be a friend for you now.

  12. Anne, like Jenn, I’m not great with knowing what to say. When I think of you and your neighbors, it seems surreal. I can’t imagine how you are coping, but you are, which is incredible! The way that you acknowledge your anxiety, fatigue, loss, and grief and at the same time acknowledge what you are learning and the little graces you are finding in your days really stops me in my tracks. Even in the midst of your heartache and chaos, you are still inspiring.

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