Spring fever

This weekend I got spring fever. I cleaned the kitchen cupboards and the basement. A van load went to the dump and another was donated to the Salvation Army. 

It was a dirty and dusty job, but I love looking at things neatly put away. I admit, I am the messy one. So when things are no longer neat, I know who to blame.

Along the way I also taught 2 yoga classes, practiced yoga, got my hair cut, went to family fun day and watched a lot of playoff hockey and a UFC pay per view. And the game of thrones started again last night. 😊 It was a generally good weekend.

As I cleaned the basement I kept thinking – I never would have done this drinking. I would be watching hockey with a glass in my hand. Or, I would have started the job, gotten passed off that I had to do everything around here, and left a disaster in my wake as I drank away my resentments. 

Yikes. Yes. That was me. 

On Saturday night, as we lounged in bed at 10 pm watching ufc and eating chocolate, craig and I marvelled at how nice it is to be relaxing in the house, knowing the kids are safe in their rooms. Both of us sober and alert. No drama required. Just an enjoyment of life.

Sometimes I think it sounds boring, but it is actually perfect for me. I like contentment. My mind is at peace. 

Stillness and peace.


27 thoughts on “Spring fever

  1. I live a quiet life with my family. Social drinking enters into the picture maybe once a month, at the most. But declining that is really easy for me to do if I just want to cuddle on the couch with my husband. Yet the idea of being ‘boring’ is one that haunts me with my new sobriety. Even though I prefer to be ‘boring.’ I guess its a by product of my youth tempting me.

  2. Anne…I long for the day (I think it’s on it’s way) that I have the sense of peace that you speak of. I feel like I’m on the right path…but lately I’ve had to deal with things that just have to be dealt with…and I think it’s a victory in and of itself that rather than trying to escape things, I’m taking on my demons & challenges head on. I know in my heart that I am growing to a place where I can have peace, even amidst life’s storms. You are one of the main people that makes me believe this is possible….
    And way to go on clearing out the basement! I LOVE getting rid of stuff and reorganizing. (I am a nerd!).

    1. You will get there. That peace is there under the crap. And it is truly worth the effort.
      I wish I could stay organized. I’m trying harder to put things away. I’m so easily distracted!!!

  3. Love this. I only ever experience true contentment when i don’t drink. I just regret it too much and it messes everything up, despite this i still often miss the anticipation etc of a night out. But that is all I miss and I can deal with that Love your book but will get the hard copy I think.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes. The anticipation of a night out still calls to me too. Especially on a sunny Friday afternoon.
      But the price of following through with those thoughts is too high.

  4. yonks ago when I was first blogging… about 2006/7 I suspect might have been later my original Blogger blog has the tag line – “A celebration of the humdrum and mundane” as at that point in my sobriety 2/3 years in just being ordinary with no dramas associated was frankly a startling revelation! Game of Thrones… never seen it as I refuse to do subscription tv – esp if owned my Murdoch. So… do I buy (or borrow) the box set or should I read the books? I’m thinking about just reading the books actually

    1. Also I can’t believe how good you are on clearing out… I’m beginning to realise what a hoarder I really am – goodness knows how we’ll “declutter” when we ever come to leave the house – we’ve been here 24 years now and seriously …. it looks like it!

    2. This is one that’s worth watching.
      Pure fantasy soap opera, complete with medieval castles and dragons.
      Just the opening music makes heir stand on end.

      lol it’s so true. A drama free life seems so unconventional. We are so programmed to want to be extreme.
      For me, that’s a sure fire way to discontent.

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I did some spring cleaning as well – I’ve always found it therapeutic. I worried it would be a trigger.. but turns I still love dancing round my room sorting through old stuff sober as much as I did drunk! x

  6. I need to do a big clear out too, but just can’t find the motivation. Which is frustrating because I’m not drinking! Hopefully one of these days I will get to it. I know I will feel so much better when I’ve done it.
    Living a quiet life is not boring. Being stuck in the drinking cycle and having a hangover every day is boring!
    I hope to be as content as you are one day. A x

  7. I’m finding a different kind of happiness in looking after my things – the yard, the laundry, the closets – it’s driven by a sense of stewardship rather than frantic (fear driven) perfectionism. Joy over anxiety, pleasure over judgement. What a game changer.

  8. There’s something so very cathartic about the spring clean, and it can be enjoyed so much more fully and completely while in the sober life – the same holds true for all the simple and little pleasures. Thanks for the post.

  9. Yay, GoT!!! I just about freaked it when it started up again. Total junkie. Great job on the spring cleaning! I love cleaning too, it’s so refreshing. Or perhaps it’s just my crazy type A-ness. 😉 Happy sober Saturday to you!!

  10. Hi Anne, just checked in here following Jackie’s post. Glad you are ok and I too hope your house is safe. Thinking of you and your town.

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