Anne’s Book -updated

I’m still figuring out book selling. 

I can ship to Canada for $13 a book and the us for $15 (CANADIAN dollars).

The actual version of the book is very nice.

Email me at if you want more info.


If you are interested in the PDFs version of A 30 day Journey to Stillness, here is a link. 

I am still figuring out Amazon. I guess I only  species to sell it to my yoga classes, etc. 

I am truly thankful for your interest. Craig really believe this month changed his ability to deal with stress and anger. 

I hope you find the same.

Stillness and peace


11 thoughts on “Anne’s Book -updated

  1. Congratulations on becoming an author! I’ve been quiet for a few months. Having a hard time with moderating and attempting day one, again, tomorrow. You have been an inspiration and I thank you for that!

  2. Hi I ordered my book, i look forward to reading it sooooooo much, just waiting for it to be delivered to my email. Thanks for arranging an online version x

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