I did something big. I wrote a book. I self published it. And it came today.

I have always wanted to write. I talked about it for years. Then one day, a few months ago, mys husband said stop talking, get writing.

At a loss what to write about, I told him I would write him a short meditation for 30 days. Just to get myself going. And perhaps to convince him all this meditation and yoga I do has merit.

It turned out to be more inspiring than I ever expected. I almost quit….after a few days I told myself I was being silly and to not be so self involved to think I could write a book…I think this was also the voice that used to tell me to not be so silly, I didn’t have a drinking problem, as I drank wine from a mug.

But then my other voice took over, and reminded me that I have done some pretty hard things, and that I was just as worthy of book writing as The next person.

So I did the 30 day. And I put it together. And I loved it. So I self published it. I plan to sell it at my yoga classes, and maybe go to a local store and see if they are interested in carrying it. It is for anyone. And everyone.

When I first quit drinking I went to a yoga class one day and picked an intention card that said “you are on the right path.” It was exactly what I needed to hear that day, and that card is still in my wallet.

Holding my book I realize I am truly on the right path. 

Stillness and peace


60 thoughts on “Accomplishment

  1. Wow that’s great! How wonderful you completed it. I hope you’ll get a lot of positive responses from readers.

  2. That is really fantastic. Congratulations! Have you looked into the self-publishing options on sites like Amazon? Then you could make it available to all of your friends and fans in the blogosphere.

  3. Anne, that’s so fantastic! I’m super happy for you, Please let me know how I can arrange to buy a copy. I can use cheque and snail mail if you’re comfortable with old school arrangements. I’d just really like to read your book, and I’d love to support your accomplishment! xo

  4. Congratulations, i would love to read it! You are probably more qualified than most to write a book, judging from what I’ve read on this blog and in comments.

  5. Woohoo! Congatulations Anne πŸ™‚ That’s really beautiful.

    1. Ooops…I immediately posted before reading the other comments. Keep us posted on when your book will be available! You rock!

  6. Well done! I self published a book of poetry ages ago (before drinking got out of control). It’s time to do it again…this time sober. What service did you use? The last time I self published, I did it through Lulu.

  7. Congratulations, Anne! That is BIG!!! I’m so excited for you. What a huge step. Just to have the confidence to go through with it is huge. I’d really like to write a book “some day,” but, like you, I harbor doubts about my ability and whether my voice has merit or sustainability. Let me know if you decide to make your book available online.

  8. I LOVE everything you write, I would love to buy a copy. Let us know as soon as possible, Could pay over paypal and get a hard copy if possible. Congratulations,

  9. YOU WROTE A BOOK?????

    good lord!
    we have to figure out why i cannot get your blog via emaill, I need to know these things!
    congratulations, that is amazing!
    I want!

      1. well i went to the page and sea i could get a PDF…but do you have actual copies with covers and stuff?
        I’d rather send you the money and get one of those, if that’s possible, rather than printing it out.
        Let me know!
        OMG>>>that is so wonderful!

  10. Congrats Anne! Love that you went ahead & did it. Hope it flies off the racks.

    Ps: Linked to your blog so I can check out your sobriety journey, but looks like you’ve already left that part of your life way behind you

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