Friendship and a Full Heart

I spent the past weekend in Portland. There were no concerts. Instead, there was a house full of sober women who gathered in an awesome, trendy neighbourhood to marvel at the unbelievable journey we are all on.

Stories were told, bracelets were made, gallons of coffee were drunk. We shopped. 

Every moment filled me up. I went there already full and it just grew and grew.

 I have found enlightenment. Inner peace. I didn’t even realize that was what I was searching for during those years of anxiety and depression and addiction. All those years of suffering alone and feeling different, awkward and less than.

I am none of those things. I am everything. We all are. And when we get together and show our true selves it is a celebration of life.

If you wondering about how you could possibly live a life without alcohol, just know it can be spectacular. Take the step. Embrace life.

Stillness and peace


31 thoughts on “Friendship and a Full Heart

  1. I dreamed last night that I started drinking again, which I have many times over the last 15 years. It’s such a relief when I wake up and realize I didn’t. And such a good reminder for me to always be vigilant.

  2. that sounds amazing, what a beautiful experience, I hope i can do something like that someday. As always you inspire.

  3. Wow…the shops, the comraderie and connection…sounds like a dream weekend. So happy for you…(and jealous too). We are so lucky to have found this life. It’s so precious and it’s been right in front of me all along (just not in a bottle!)

  4. I am thinking of hosting a retreat like this myself. If it turns out anything like you just described, I would be thrilled. I love the idea of vigilance being a form of gratitude. I am going to commit that one to memory. Thanks!

  5. Oh, Anne! How wonderful! I’m so happy for you. Your full, overbrimming heart is inspirational, and your writing is such a testament to the overwhelming power of connection. We are all truly made for each other. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. What a wonderful post! It sounds like a wonderful experience. I am so happy for you. You give me hope that this journey I am on is a worthwhile one. That life without alcohol doesn’t have to be boring. Thank you Anne. A x

  7. How did you find something like this? Was it for women that were further along in their journeys? I am at Day 60 today, and of course still require a ton of support! hahaha…they might not want the likes of me in a house like that! There would be no time for shopping as they would have to counsel me the entire time! But, I would like to get to a place like that one day! It sounds amazing not having to worry about if there would be alcohol there!

  8. Sounds like an amazing weekend Anne. I’m finding more and more that I enjoy coffee mornings more than nights out. Weirdly, with the right bunch of ladies I laugh just as loud and have just as much fun, but I’m less tired, more attentive and more real. It definitely doesn’t have to be boring!

  9. Anne- I got sober in Portland! I worked at a Plaid Pantry and went to meetings all over the place there. Man I loved that old Victorian house where they had all those meetings. I miss it there so much. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    1. Some of us met on a She recovers yoga retreat.
      Some through other online support groups.

      And a few are fellow sober bloggers- Unpickled and Suburban Betty.

      1. A sober yoga retreat?? Sounds heavenly! I love under a rock so I guess I never learn when and where these things are. Awww, I’d love to meet you and Jean and Betty someday. 🙂

  10. wow….just catching up! I’m so glad you had the meet up! you have to tell me who was there i know…i can see jean was!
    soooo fun
    solo happy for you!

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