And last night it was Slayer

  Craig and I flew to Edmonton yesterday to see Slayer. They were a little harder than my usual taste, but were a great live show.

 We had to get up at 4:15 this morning to catch a 6 am flight home to get to work today!

That would never have happened before!

Plus, we almost missed the flight due to delays at security and the awesome staff at Westjet held the plane for us. Thank you Universe!

Stillness and peace!


16 thoughts on “And last night it was Slayer

  1. Edmonton hey, nice!! (I lived in Calgary and Red Deer which are close by). I saw Slayer many years ago, what a show!! \m/ \m/

      1. Oh rad! Calgary was fun times for my 20’s… I moved there when I was 21 – moved back to Vancouver in 2010.

  2. Awesome!! Imagine having to get such an early flight and going to work when you were drinking?! Almost impossible! A x

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