This week Black Sabbath

I just can’t get over how much I love live music now.

Yesterday craig and I drove 5 hours to see Black Sabbath. Ozzy can still bring it!

One the way we marvelled at how difficult things like this used to seem. We just never managed to plan much. Too busy drinking or recovering. Not any more!

Next up Natalie McMaster! A big shift!

22 thoughts on “This week Black Sabbath

  1. This post me smile a lot. I saw black sabbath almost two summers ago though don’t remember seeing them at all. Vaguely remember seeing FNM. To this day I don’t know if I kissed my friend. I also woke up from msgs from a guy who I had to ask how we met (I chatted him up walking up the stairs from the subway?!) kinda funny stories. But what a waste of everything. And it’s my life?! Not a made up funny character.
    Now, I’d imagine tanning on the grass, relaxing, eating ice cream, instead of spending a fortune and loads of time queuing for overpriced beer. They’d be dancing, laughing, listening. Remembering it all.
    Rock on sober sister!! πŸ’ƒ X

  2. It’s fantastic that you are getting out and enjoying these wonderful experiences! I love reading about the bands and shows you are seeing. I have also found that I’m able to enjoy events that I love in my spare time in ways that I was completely unable to do when drowning in my ED. Two weekends ago, I went to a special art exhibition at a local museum, and at the end of the month, I have tickets to a stage production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” in the “city” an hour away. It’s been years since I was able to pull myself together enough to go to the theater.
    I hope that you have a fabulous time listening to Natalie McMaster. Here is to simple things and a life well-lived!

    1. She was amazing and brought her family to play and dance. It was really emotional.
      Its the shift in focus. I used to be too worried about me to enjoy life.

      Now I let it flow through me. That’s living.

      1. Letting life flow through. I love that description. I’m going to let that one sink in.
        So glad you had a wonderful time! I hope the rest of your weekend is a peaceful respite.

  3. Woo hoo! Good for you.
    I think love music is wonderful – there is an amazing exchange of energy (without sounding too ‘hippy’) that just lifts you up! I love it too.
    I was worried that it wouldn’t feel as good Sober when in fact its better (you can remember it all!) Plus I never booked anything – I just went to the pub!!

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