It gets better and better

On a boat surrounded by drinker I am reminded constantly how much easier life is sober.

Every day is a gift and I am embracing it all.

5 finger death punch was awesome. Seether was amazing. The rest are rocking!

Stillness and peace!



14 thoughts on “It gets better and better

  1. I just wanted to thank everybody who participates in this discussion of sobriety, January 17, 2016 is 12 months sobriety and my life has been changed so much for the better and I am where I always wanted to be, my family has their Dad and my wife has her Husband and I want to thank all of you for being out there to check in on and perhaps participate in the discussion thanks again everyone!! I’m 53 and for the first time I feel I truly am a Man.

  2. What are you guys drinking in that balcony room? Anything fun? Or are the kids happy to drink all the soda they want? Is there rock & roll themed food or ice sculptures on the buffet? Do you get to get off the boat? Is anyone sea sick? How much money have you spent on T-shirts?!? lol

  3. Wow you’re right life is easier sober. So happy for you..I still can’t get over how adorable your family is you all look so much alike in your pic from the other day.

    1. Everyone thinks my kids are twins
      Now that Cleo cut her hair she does look exactly like her brother.

      I think it’s a 10 year old girl phase. Suddenly all the pain of being a girl has made her rush she was a boy.

  4. Life is so much easier sober. It is simplified. Especially compared to those who are still drinking.

  5. I get validation every single time I am around people drinking, that my choice to stop drinking is the right one xo

  6. It’s really nice to see so many people who have made it out of the bottle. Congrats and I agree. Life is better sober.

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