26 thoughts on “Family vacation-the Sober Simpson’s take on Florida

    1. Oh, the sun is so nice. It was freezing when we left home. To see palm trees is just such a treat.
      People who live here don’t realize just how beautiful it is!

      I almost didn’t post this pic- we all look a little crazy, but this is us. Having fun. Sober.

      It’s just so much better than I ever anticipated.

      1. So glad that you are having a wonderful time with your family! I feel a little bit warmer… On the inside, at least 😊. I hope you enjoy every moment of your trip!

  1. Oh Anne, what a lovely picture of you and your family. Very jealous of the weather, you may have -40 back home but we have rain like the Amazon ha ha. Give me heat!!

  2. looks so much fun!!!
    5 finger death punch…LOL….love that name. Gonna have to look them up,
    the don’t sound very “Yin”….
    so glad you’re out of the cold!

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