Happy New Year

Just remember today is just another day.

So is tomorrow.

Enjoy them with a clear head and an open heart. Life flows better that way.

Thanking you all for your support and insights in 2015. We are all in this together.

Stillness and peace,


19 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Thank you for your support this year Anne. Sometimes it’s really tough but you’re right, we’re all in this together. Then sometimes its so easy and lovely to be sober and feel alive! Happy New Year! Xxx

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for commenting on my blog. I have to say Anne, you are the most supportive person in the Soberverse (that I have seem) and you are everyone’s champion and sending out positive vibes and messages. That is a real inspiration I have to say. If I go to a blog and go to leave a comment, there you are offering words of wisdom and a little nugget of advice to help them through. That is such a generous thing you do each and every day. I wish you great happiness in this coming year and into the future.

    1. Thank you. My only wish is that people hear me and the other bloggers when we say it gets better.
      I never expected it would. I honestly thought quitting drinking meant I was resigning myself to a life of boredom. And it has been so completely the opposite!

  3. Saw on another blog comment that you were heading toward Florida! Sweet! But may I suggest Arizona at some point? Cool landscapes, tons of outdoor activities in the sunshine, great food, and really close to Mexico if you need a sunny beach…

    1. I definitely want to get to Sedona.

      Part of our trip is a cruise to Mexico, but only 1 day on the beach.
      We are going on Shiprocked-a music cruise with 5 finger death punch, seethed, and a bunch of other bands.

      I hope it’s fun!

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