20 thoughts on “Vegas, baby

    1. My first tattoo ever!
      The heart is new use I believe love is the answer. To everything.

      And the semi colon has a story behind it. Google it. Generally it is used to represent embracing life, even through depression, self harming, etc.

      It shocks me too! But I love it!

  1. Hi Anne, I am commenting on a very old post as I am not sure how this will be received.
    What I am about to say I say with love and from a genuine space of honesty but it might be completely off base.
    When I used to see pictures of you and Craig at the many many concerts you went to, it always seemed like Craig dominated the picture with his tongue out, hang ten finger gestures and his ‘rebel may care’ look. Meanwhile you always looked calm and serene and genuine. I thought you two a strange mix as you exude yoga peace and calm and Craig appeared as a 21 year old just got paid next to you (all of this is bearing in mind I don’t properly know you both at all)
    I appreciate you must still love him to a degree and he is the father of your children but now is the perfect time to reflect on your whole relationship and work out both of your roles in it. I think your most recent post about codependency is the lotus starting to unfold.
    Let me be clear, I am not saying Craig is a “bad man” by any stretch, I am just saying you appear in photos to be at extreme ends of the personality spectrum.
    I have no idea how this will read to you and it is probably none of my business and I should maybe shut up but the person you are, kind, supportive, generous, loving, peaceful, inspiring, honest, compassionate may just have more opportunity to come outside in full. You support so many people who are struggling and remember to follow up with them when they are low that maybe you need to just allow some of that support to come back to you while you take stock of who you are now and what you can do going forward.
    As sad and shocking as this situation is, there is the potential to learn and grow and thrive from this. You are an amazing woman that has survived so much and risen many times to tackle a new day. Take comfort in the fact that it may not be easy and there will be dreadful days ahead BUT….. like everything else you have faced up until now, you will keep moving forward doing the next right thing and one dat you will feel a bit better then a bit better still.
    Please forgive any over familiarity or misreading of the situation, I can’t fully imagine what his has done to your world but everything I say I genuine mean as supportive.

    1. My sister wrote me almost the exact same thing, and she knows us both well.
      Thank you so much for being so candid.
      I think there’s so much truth here, and it’s the truth I need. That I know, but have tried to deny for a long time.

      Many of our drinking years were me going along to not rock the boat. Trying to be that lively, outgoing person I am not.

      I will be talking a long time to let myself shed that extra skin and see what’s underneath. And I hope you continue to help me by providing honest insight.

      Some of my own behaviour over the years suddenly seems so tiring….

      Please keep sharing. It’s hard to see one’s own self!


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