Nicki Minaj

i went to a Nicki Minaji concert last night with my daughter and my friend and her daughter. The friend moved away early this year, and I miss her a lot.

Cleo, my daughter, misses her friend. So this seemed like a good opportunity to see them. Although, in hindsight, Nicki may be a tad mature for Cleo, who is 10! There weren’t many kids there. But we had an awesome time, so who cares if there was swearing (there was lots…oops).

Anyway, after the concert the girls got snuggled on the couch and we had tea and we all talked. One young girl had been trying to appease a relative and was tired of trying to make everyone happy. We talked about honouring our own feelings and needs first. Even if others don’t understand.

This is why I got sober. Because instead of getting hammered at a concert, stumbling home and falling into bed, I went to a concert, was able to talk rationally about the appropriateness of the swearing and racial words used at it and have a honest and hopefully helpful conversation with the two girls about life. About making your own way without letting others wants be more important. About love and compassion and kindness.

I might have missed this. And that would have been a true loss.

Stillness and peace


23 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj

  1. I have a friend who is taking his 16 year old daughter to her first concert this Saturday and is struggling with the question of whether to drink or not. He’s an old member of a grunge band himself and says he has never enjoyed a concert sober. I’m going to send him the link to your blog.

    1. Has he priced drinks at a concert lately? OMG. I think beer at The Avett Brothers was $12- (A bottle of water was $4-). If he wants to drink, he should just wait until he gets back home after the show the night. πŸ™‚
      Remind your friend he’s going for his daughter and setting an example that she’ll remember for the rest of her life…that will be enjoyment enough for him.

  2. Dear Anne,
    It is fun to compare all the experiences where we used to be drinking and now have them sober!

  3. I’ve noticed that too. My kids will talk about vulnerable issues before bed. You said to me early on, that not all moms are able to get sober. We are the lucky ones that even trying and failing is better than never recognizing a problem. Those words made such a difference to me. It really is about getting sober for these momentswith our kids. Lori

  4. My kids are grown and I still see the rewards of being a sober parent. It gets harder and harder to find those vulnerable moments together once they move out, so I’m grateful to be fully present when we are together.

  5. This is fabulous~ I’ve had the same thoughts~ since being sober I have had a few conversations w/ my teens and thought after~ if I was drinking this again would of been an missed opportunity to talk w/ he kids, hear their feelings, thoughts & fears. I’m thankful for my sobriety today~ ❀️

  6. love this ann….
    those surprise moments are the best, where we are present and able to live whatever is going on!

    I love going to concerts sober….i was at one wednesday night ad had the BEST time, dancing and really enjoying being with friends old and new on a beautiful summer night at the hollywood bowl…
    what a joy it is to be present!

    and are we excited about Monday??

  7. Great post, and I am glad you enjoyed it and that it is an experience that you will remember especially without the drinks.

  8. I took my two oldest daughters to their first concert this summer, too. Like you, I enjoyed being sober and present throughout the experience. Life is so much better.

  9. Wow! Love the post – and the blog in general (just found it today!) & your humility in sharing! Kudos to you in being able to deal with the whole concert & be such an excellent adult figure to the kids.
    (ps: I personally do not get Nicki Minaj at all!)

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