One of those perfect moments

I had one of those perfect moments today. Where I’m filled with complete peace and stillness and everything seems exactly right.

I’m on a bus headed to see Wayne Dyer and a number of other Hay House writers in Edmonton. My husband got up to drop me off at the bus, because he loves me and supports me. The kids were snoozing happily in bed.

I am meeting two lovely women in Edmonton. Both sober. Both of whom I met online.

I’m reading a book about yoga and wearing my beautiful malamomma bracelets and listening to Matt Kahn.

Everything is as it is supposed to be.

Stillness and Peace

10 thoughts on “One of those perfect moments

  1. That’s so awesome that you’re able to meet up with some online friends! Not sure who Wayne Dyer is, but have every intention of Googling him after I hit “post”. Enjoy your outing! Sounds fun :).

  2. Have a great day Anne. How wonderful to be meeting online sober friends. I would so love that! I hope that I one day experience this stillness and peace you speak of. I’m tired of all the chaos. A x

  3. Sounds like a trylu peaceful moment or a day or a state of mind. I needed it this Sunday morning.

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