Reiki…and a lesson in letting go

I did an exciting new thing this weekend. I trained to be a level one reiki practitioner.
For anyone unfamiliar with reiki, it is a form of energy healing. The idea is that we are all made of energy. And sometimes that energy gets blocked in our body, or stagnates. And so a reiki practitioner acts as a channel between the energy of the universe and our bodies, helping bring balance back whereverbit is needed.

Anyway – Saturday I showed up at reiki training. There were 13 of us. We did some class work, and then it was on to hands on practice. Learning by doing.

As a practitioner – you open yourself up to the energy and let it flow through you into the client. You do not use your own personal energy – or you are quickly depleted.

In my usual perfectionist way – I didn’t heed that advice and put all my thought and energy into the client. It was hard. I was hot and sweaty and focused. My anxiety was out of control. In hindsight it was like trying to light a fire with your mind. All day.

By the end of the session I was tired, mentally drained and shaky. I wondered if perhaps I was too sensitive for reiki practice. Too much touching. Too much sharing of energy between people.

I went home and sat on the couch. I had a hot bath. I dwelled on what I perceived as my own deficiencies. Everyone else has seemed to find the process energizing and balancing. I definitely did not. Maybe this wasn’t for me.

I wasn’t prepared to give up on this just yet, so I read more of the information we had been provided with. I love information, and I am forever reading. As I gained a better understanding of the reiki process, a though came to me… If I am just channeling energy from the universe – I don’t need to do anything. I need to let it happen. I am getting in the way by trying too harder. I needed to try smarter.

So the next day I went in with a different perspective. I spent more time on balancing myself before. I wore my beautiful mala that brings me personal peace and comfort. I relaxed and opened myself to the energy of nature and just let it flow.


I felt full of energy and light. The day flew by. I went home and had so much focus and joy all evening. I even gave reiki to my son who had a headache and he perked up and felt better.

Wow. Here is was. An real example of how my own efforts didn’t help me. A new (old) lesson. Trying to control the universe is tiring. Go with the flow and see what wondrous things might occur.

Stillness and peace


25 thoughts on “Reiki…and a lesson in letting go

  1. I’ve always been interested in Reiki. I’m so happy that you’re training in it and finding it to be rewarding. Please do keep us update. I’m fascinated!

    And yes, trying to control the universe is exhausting. I’m guilty of that one too. πŸ˜‰ I was never able to master that one so I gave up and let it go. I feel much better now!

  2. What a great story/experience. I also am very strongly in my own head, perceiving and analyzing and used to controlling and directing my thoughts, and I also find it hard to let go. I’ve been practicing transcendental meditation for five years, and I still feel so at an elementary level about the basics, which is …. getting out of the way. So cool, this shift that you saw. Keep writing about your reiki experiences if you’re so inclined….

    1. I was really glad I stepped back and thought it through.
      I almost didn’t go back on Sunday. When I LE Saturday I was pretty distraught and shaky.
      it definitely reinforced my belief in personal energy and protecting my self. I was completely depleted.

      As an aside, I have some bad joint pain from arthritis that is always bad in the morning. It was significantly less than usual today.

      I will be doing a short personal reiki section regularly to see if it stays away!

  3. Thank you for your blog Anne, which I just discovered. I’m new to this community and at trying to get sober. I find your posts very inspiring. I’m really into yoga, always wanted to explore reiki as well. Keep writing it’s VERY helpful !

  4. I’m fascinated – please continue to post about this. My very good friend has been dabbling a bit in Reiki and is considering becoming a practitioner. I love the idea of this!

  5. I am so happy that you are pursuing this! It is a lovely practice and I think, with your passion for yoga, this is a perfect fit for you. I look forward to hearing more about it. Wonderful! xoxo K

  6. Reiki is a wonderful thing to know. I did level one back in the late 90s when I was still far more skeptical about energy work. I kept an open mind and tried to have no expectations and was amazed by the results.

    I never became a practitioner and have only used it on friends, family and myself but it is a fairly constant factor in my life. I find giving myself a ‘reiki hug’ is great when I’m feeling bad in any way – just curling up with my palms on my own sides and enjoying the warmth and relaxation it brings. I always combine it with my meditation and my cat loves it too πŸ™‚

      1. Hatha /vinyasa, my teacher really has her own style. She’s completed 2 200YTT’s and 2 500Ytt’s, with different people. I love the mix. I’m also doing Nikki Myers Y12SR training. I just need to do the leadership weekend.

      2. I am doing the online y12sr in April. I tried to get to Seattle, but it didn’t work out.

        I did my teacher training with Nikki Doane (maya yoga). It is a mix of ashtanga and iyengar. And I currently teach yin, which I would live to go to a training session on.

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