I went to a meeting last night. I don’t go very often, I admit. I used to go every Monday. I am not opposed, but Monday nights just seem busy with kids. Knowing my home group is there seems to be enough for me now. I like them a lot. And I feel comfortable and accepted there. They joke a lot about Craig and I being a couple there, but I think most of them are happy to see a family recover together.

My hubby got his one year coin. His year was actually Dec 28, but we have been on vacation, hockey, etc. and have not made it to a Monday since then.

I am really proud of him. He is embarrassed by the attention. I know how he feels. That happiness of reaching the milestone, tempered by the shame of ever having struggled with addiction. But when others reach important milestones I am TRULY and DEEPLY happy for them. Addiction is a mean foe. And overcoming it shows a hell of a lot of self awareness and willingness to put in the effort. So we celebrated with some red velvet cupcakes.

Having two sober adults in the house is interesting. AA slogans are thrown around. Self pity and resentment are called out. Gratitude is prevalent. The daily reflections and the big book are on our coffee table. My daughter told me the other night she doesn’t believe in god – but has a higher power. She is 9. Yikes.

Our time is spent living. Life isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t change anything. Today is good as is. I will take it and make the most of it. Sober.

I have been watching the Recovery 2.0 Conference. I loved Tommy Rosen’s book. Nikki Meyers had a fantastic talk about her program, Y12SR. It combines 12 step meetings and yoga. I am tempted to go to Seattle to do the training to lead Y12SR groups. Yoga is so important to me. And I think it could be helpful to others. And perhaps it will draw my interest back into the 12 step world.

hmmm. Decisions.

Stillness and peace.


24 thoughts on “Meetings

  1. Yes, you are an inspiration and it sounds so wonderful for you to have your husband and you support each other as you do. I think I would LOVE the program you speak of and I’m going to look it up…if there was a physical type program (yoga) paired with recovery work, I think I would be more apt to participate on a regular basis. I think you should do it! Maybe you can hold online courses and I can sign up! 🙂 xo

  2. Congratulations to your husband! I am happy for him, and for you and your children do not know it yet, and they might never realise but I am also happy for them :-).

    On the yoga: Go go go go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (On your own time, when you are ready, of course…) But yes, it sounds real good. 🙂

    1. I like it much better than before. It used to be a lot of silence, arguing, crying (me) unhappiness, pretending and drinking.
      The good thing is no one has to take the blame on themselves. We both had our different struggles. But we are also both working to make our lives better.

  3. How blessed is your daughter to have two self aware sober parents!
    I recently got the book The 12 steps of yoga. Haven’t gotten into it yet (reading Tommys book now!) but it looks like a good read.
    Have a great sober day!

  4. Happy One Year to your husband 🙂 I’ve been following the conference, too, I’m “easing” myself back into a regular yoga practice, and to me it makes perfect sense to combine yoga with recovery. Nikki Meyers was awesome!

  5. I want to do so much. I signed up for the conference but haven’t had time to even open the emails. I want to start Yoga too and get back into that practice. I’m going to go to an AA meeting tonight. It’s an all women’s group. I haven’t been to one this time around so I’m pretty excited. I’ve been reading a lot and trying to blog too…. there’s just not enough hours in the day…
    Congratulations to you and hubby…what an amazing place to be at with a partner…. I love your blog!!
    Day 45

  6. That’s so nice that you guys can go through all of this together. Very happy for you both… I am listening to the conference too, I will have to listen to that interview 🙂

  7. now, there’s a great reason to go to a meeting 🙂 congratulations to you both and always glad to hear of the amazing and un-looked for opportunities that sobriety brings!

  8. You are so fortunate to have your partner on the same path. My husband is supportive, but still doesn’t GET it. My Monday night meeting celebrated a 28 year birthday the other night. When I got home, I told him we had cookies because of that. He said, you would think that person wouldn’t need to go to meetings anymore. I just shook my head and said you just don’t get it. You are lucky, your husband gets it.
    Congratulations to you both.

    1. Yeah. It is kind of a funny fortunate. There was. always an added aspect that if he or I relapsed it might impact the other, but I think that is actually a helpful pressure.

      He is not the typical alcoholic. He was never a sneaky or compulsive drinker. Just a hard and heavy drinker. aA has definitely helped him understand me better. Because he could never understand my self destructiveness. Now he does.

  9. Your home sounds like one every child in the world would be blessed to live in. Please send your husband my well wishes, and my warmest congratulations. I have been listening to the conference too, it’s good stuff.

    You continue to inspire me with your passion about yoga. I am not there yet, but every time I read your blog I want to be! I hope you get to sneak in a trip to Seattle, and I hope you will write and tell us about it!

    This post was like a ray of sunshine in this dreary winter, I am so glad I read it 🙂

  10. I love your outlook on life and sobriety…I don’t have a husband but I am lucky that my household (now just a teenage daughter…other two are at college) deeply respects and supports my decision to be alcohol-free. I haven’t been going to any meetings. but I’m thinking about doing so at least to meet some like minded people. Congrats to your hubby on one year! Thank you for your blog Anne you are an awesome inspiration.

  11. Lovely post, Anne! I am starting a new yoga class in two weeks at a studio that is walking distance from my house. They have drop ins for 15 bux! I hope to find the same joy as you do in this practice.

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