Happy new year

Happy 2015.
2014 closes a year of extremes for me. I went from the deep depths of depression to feelings of deep, true happiness.
And I did it all sober.

I can’t begin to remember how far back I started putting drink less on my list of resolutions. Some years I may have tried to hide it as bet healthier, fitter, happier, but what I really meant was gain control over the impact alcohol was having on my life. Finding a way to end those middle of the night wake ups filled with regret, self loathing and promises to never drink again.

I never considered I would find such peace and joy in a sober life. We still have fun. But in different ways, that I can remember and be proud of the next day. I am no longer plagued by a vague feeling of guilt.

If you are going into 2015 hoping to find a life without alcohol, I can only say it exists. The false promises of fun and relaxation booze makes are just that, false. It is the source of you discontent, unhappiness, self loathing and anger.

Give yourself the gift of a period of sobriety. Try it on. Say 90 days.

If you can’t make it to 90 days on your own, get help. Your family, therapy, AA! Smart recovery, whatever.

Take a chance. Happiness and health are there waiting.

To all those who comment on my blog, who just read, who blog themselves, let’s make 2015 a great sober year. One day at a time.

Stillness and peace.


16 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. I’ve had that as a resolution every year for so long! Gotta love the feeling of starting out the year accomplishing it 🙂 I am also so glad to hear that sober life can be fun and happy, great job!

  2. Happy New Year Anne! Thanks for this post. It gives me hope to believe I can ultimately find deep and true happiness. I’ve had enough depression for one life! Here’s to 2015…

  3. beautiful post Anne, and I wholeheartedly agree with every word you said. I had all those lingering feelings of guilt, shame, and regret for sooo long. it’s amazing how it all lifted when I committed to not drinking. wish I knew sooner, but I’m glad I eventually found out! happy new year… I look forward to following your journey in 2015!

  4. Great post 🙂 it feels great to wake up this January 1 without tears and regret. Here’s hoping many more who suffer will find their way to a better life this year! xx

  5. I have those on my resolutions lists every year too, but not this year! Feels good.

    You are an inspiration to so many, including me. Thanks for posting.

  6. Great post Anne. Thanks for shining a light on all the goodness of sobriety.
    May your 2015 bring more peace and happiness.

  7. Happy New Year Anne! It’s true, there truly is joy in sobriety. I’m still learning how it’s done, but I am learning, and enjoying life. What a gift it was to wake up without a hangover today! I’m glad I gave myself a chance, and tried sobriety, it has not been an easy journey, but it has been so worth it. Thanks for your great post, and much love and many hugs your way 🙂

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