And life goes on

I just finished day 5 of a 10 day yoga teacher training program. My group has already completed the first 10 days in August. When we are done next week I will have my 200 hour yoga teaching certification. And a little knowledge to start delving deeper into my own practice and to hopefully find a way to bring yoga to people in recovery in my city.

Our teacher, Nicki Doane of Maya Yoga, is amazing. Every day I sit by her in class to bask in her calm spirit. She is a regular person, with the troubles of kids and family and life. But she has the wisdom and spirit of a yoga guru and I am basking in it every minute I can. Her teaching is inspiring and invigorating. And I am already looking ahead to find time to get to her studio in Hawaii!

I love it. I am happy. My soul feels at home and safe.

Yoga has played a big part in my personal changes this year. It has provided me with a path to mindfulness, comfort in my own body, a belief in the interconnectedness of all people. It has helped me see myself as a bright, strong person. I am not apart, alone, isolated. That is just my ego trying to keep me in the dark.

It has helped me find comfort in self care. Taking care of myself is part of my role in the world. It definitely helps my immediate family for me to be serene and positive. To be confident.

Occasionally I find myself looking around, almost surprised at where I am. Was it really only a year ago that I was is a dark, deep hole? From which I really thought I might never emerge. That it would suck me down until I no longer had the energy to keep trying to get out? That was a horrible place to be and one I hope never to return.

It seems almost impossible to believe…

The awakening I have experienced this year has been that profound. I have a lot of living left to do. And there is so much left to learn.

If you are still looking at that dark abyss of addiction or shame or fear, I hope my story will give you a little boost to keep you on the sober path. It can take you anywhere you want to go. Every day is a new adventure!

Stillness and Peace


13 thoughts on “And life goes on

  1. how lovely to read of how much your life has changed. I would also not have believed that such a positive change would be possible in my life. I thought that my life would be reduced and lessened by not drinking, whereas in fact the possibilities now seem almost endless. which is pretty damn wonderful!

    1. I sometimes wonder if “regular people” see the limitless possibilities of life, or if it is actually a gift of recovery…which, for me, really is like waking up from a long, deep sleep…

  2. Such a positive post, its great to hear more about how you have freed yourself from the darkness. Im still trying!
    About yoga… The other day I couldnt quite face 30 mins on the cross trainer, so I found a youtube video on yoga for beginners. I started off, following the gentle exercises at the beginning, and pretty soon the tears were streaming down my face! Is this normal?! I might try and stick with it as it has clearly improved your life 🙂

    1. Yes! That emotional response is what kept me going back to yoga earlier this year. I was worried my emotions had been forever numbed. I was relieved that it was a place to start to release some of the pain in safety.

  3. The first time I went to yoga since not drinking, I cried on the way home. It is so helpful to me. I need to go more! That’s great you did a teacher training. I’ve wondered about those.

  4. I often wonder is “normal” people have the introspection we develop in recovery. Is it something I missed out on for 50+ years? Or is it due to being what I am?
    Great post!

  5. What a wonderful post. I am day 4 into my recovery and I am in tears at reading this incredibly positive post. I have read nearly all of your posts and am so moved and inspired by you. Thank you for sharing your journey. Truly.

    1. Welcome!
      Sobriety has been the scariest and most chaotic choice of my life, but also one of the absolute best.

      Life is just so full of potential now! I never expected so much!!!!

      Stick with it!

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