One Year

It is one year ago today that I put down my wine glass and started living life again.
If you saw me on the street you might not notice the change. I still wear the same clothes. I still have the same job.

But if you look close you will see the differences. My eyes are brighter. My hands are steadier. My smile come more readily and lights up my entire face.

Inside, my aura has changed from deep sticky green to a vibrant yellow. The cruel voice that forever criticized me and berated me for being a failure, not good enough, not doing enough, is quieted.
I look at the world through clear eyes and with a heart that feels full of love and compassion for myself and for everyone I meet.

I spent the day at yoga teacher training. I love every moment of it. It supports and enriches my body and soul.

Tonight I will take my cake and get my one year chip. AA is just another avenue of support for me. And if I have learned anything this year it is that you can never have too much support. Sure, we can all put up a strong front and pretend we are ok doing things on our own. But I have come to realize the only person losing in that situation is me.

So I use it all. AA, yoga, blogging and the BFB.

If you are new on the journey, my only advice is it is worth every tear, every missed party and every lost booze buddy. The joy of recovery is there for all of us.

Thank you all for your comments on my posts. Every word of support and assistance is deeply appreciated and reminds me that we are all really one big community.

And although I look forward to what the next year might bring, I know we only have today. And today is a really good day. I am going to enjoy all of it!

Stillness and peace


43 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Dear Anne,
    I am so happy for you. I am happy for me too because this posts in itself spreads joy, love, stillness and peace. Happy to read it and happy for the promise of it; I hope I can accomplish that in a year as well. Thank you for going before me (is that a correct sentence?) and sharing.
    Hugs, Feeling.

  2. Congratulations, Anne! Well done. Your post sounds so serene. It is inspiring to read and makes me want to keep going along this path and delve further into the “joy of recovery”.
    I like what you say “you can never have too much support”. This is so true. It’s better have more than enough than not enough, right? Took me a long time to figure this out. Now I look for support and nourishment wherever I can… the more the merrier! have a fabulous day! xoxo

  3. We are only a day away!! An Annie reference for you!
    I am so happy for you. I have enjoyed your blog and your posts.
    We both just have to keep on keeping on.
    Congratulations to you. Enjoy your cake!

  4. Congratulations Anne!
    When I first started this journey a little over a month ago I would read your blog and was so amazed at your wisdom and grace. Today I am still in awe and I SO appreciate all the times you have reach out with comments on my blog and others. I always know when I see your heading there is going to be a kind and smart response!
    You really are a sober hero!!!

  5. Hi Anne. a HUGE congratulations to you on your one year anniversary. this is an amazing accomplishment of which I know your are super proud. we are all super proud of you too! I agree with the response above that whenever I see a Comment from you, I know it is going to be kind and smart. I continue to look for inspiration from you and follow along proudly. thanks again Anne for your contribution to our sober community. a gift for you, I hope this link works !

    hugs from nz

  6. I am watching the new little people in our family grow and am amazed at how much a human baby changes in the first year of life. I look at you with this same wonder – a year ago we started exchanging emails for support and I remember being really worried about you! I felt like I didn’t know how to help and I was concerned that you had a hard road ahead. FF 12 months and look at all that’s happened! You are flourishing and also have become such an important source of support and friendship for so many. It’s beautiful and amazing – JUST LIKE YOU, ANNE!!

      1. …and she helps you, and you help the next person, and I read about that and it helps me, and I tell Anne what you taught me and that helps her, and and and….it’s a beautiful amazing cycle!

    1. Thank you so much Jean. Your response to my desperate plea for help was a big turning point for me.
      And your friendship has become an important part of my life.
      Fate conspires.

  7. So wonderful Anne…
    A year is a HUGE thing and I am so happy for you!
    your contribution to the sober blogosphere has been fantastic and i am sure you have helped SO many others…that’s what we do, right?
    You are a treasure!

  8. Congrats Anne! It’s a big marker, and you have handled it with grace. The one year looks great on you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. you are a blessing.


  9. I’m so familiar with that awful inner voice that berates you. I was just writing about that. I’m at just over 3 months sober and you are an inspiration to me. Sometimes I feel like no one around me understands how hard this is. Thank you for sharing, it helps to know there are others who do understand.

  10. Oh my friend, I missed your 1year! I haven’t blogged in ages or even checked my blogs, this crazy season of run-here-do-that-not-enough-time got the better of me. Love and congrats to you dear one! I wish I could have had cake with you. As always, you are an inspiration to me. You’ve helped me more in my journey than you can ever know ❤

  11. Just wanted to say thank you. I follow your blog, have gone back to read your posts, and continue to be inspired by you. I love the insightful comments you offer on the blogs. So wise, so concise, straightforward and loving. I quoted you in my journal this morning: “The milestones are nice markers. Don’t let them give you false perspective. It is still just one day at a time.” Love to you.

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