We are all doing it right!

I’ve read some different blogs this week about ways to do thing. AA, not AA. Anonymity, open face of recovery. Blog every day, blog when you feel like it. Yoga, meditation, exercise, running, eating, detoxing, etc.
You know what?? We are all doing it right. Because we are trying and learning and opening uo to different ideas and experiences. Some won’t work for us. Some will. Some days we will be happy with our choices and sometimes the cake will fall. As long as we get up the next day and try our best, and maybe give ourselves a little love and compassion while doing it, we are winning. Yay us!!!
As an aside…
One of the biggest things I have learned over this year is that not everything is about me. Surprise!
I have a lovely husband. He can be very cranky in the mornings if things don’t go his way. For years this has caused me great distress. Did I do something? Can I help him? Why can’t I fix this? I need to do things differently. Change me. Fix. Help. ME ME ME. Argh.
Well, his crankiness has nothing to do with me and I am not responsible to fix it. In fact, trying to fix it just aggravates the situation. So the best is for me to assure myself that I am not the cause of all the problems in the universe and his crankiness is not directed at me. No self pity allowed.
It has been surprisingly relieving!
Have a great day. I am excitedly getting ready to head over to London to meet my baby nephew!

8 thoughts on “We are all doing it right!

  1. Oh boy, you just described a day in my head… well, my old head anyway, and sometimes, when I’m not doing the things I need to do, and my “old head” comes sneaking back in. So nice to be able talk back to “old head!”

    Safe travels, enjoy every minute!

  2. It’s all good, isn’t it? Yoga ain’t my deal, but I know a ton of people it does things for. It is what it is, and we are all unique in what brings us those little joys and shift in perception.

    Have a great journey!


  3. Those sudden small realizations that it’s not about me helped my relationships with others (me, my…well I guess it is still about me apparently, ha). It’s been very liberating when I can accept others as they are and detach when necessary. And yes! Absolutely there are many ways people get and stay sober. That too feels very liberating and wonderful.

  4. Right on! I like to pick and choose things for my sobriety that resonate with me, that speak to my truth. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. We are all unique and so our recovery is, too 😉 Have a wonderful trip!

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