Another 9 Months

I have a better story to tell today. One of pride and joy and unity.

My husband got his 9 month chip last night. We almost didn’t even go to the meeting. Monday night football was on. We wanted to see KC clobber the Patriots. But we did.
At the last second he asked me to give it to him. Me.
I was overwhelmed and flustered, but I got up and told the group just how proud I am of him. That our life has improved a million percent in the past 9 months. About a renewed sense of family and togetherness that we have found that we never even realized we were missing.
This was a huge thing. Over the past 9 months he has questioned why he ever started this. The unfairness of not being able to drink when everyone else does. The oddness of the meetings some nights. The bizarre turn our outwardly perfect looking life had taken.
But he is very proud of his accomplishment and doesn’t deny that everything is better. Everything. And we don’t mess with what’s working.
Another man got his 25 year chip last night. I think this was the first time that we both had a sense that that may be us some day.
We went home and had a treat with the kids before bed. He set up the coffee so it is ready for us in the morning. We saw the end of the Patriots debacle (lol).
My life is wonderful. Lovely. Beautiful.
Sober is definitely better. It continues to amaze me just how much.

As an aside-I have 10 months myself today. Yay me!!!

19 thoughts on “Another 9 Months

  1. I love this post. “My life is wonderful. Lovely. Beautiful.” Congratulations to you and your husband! It’s so inspiring to read about the outcome.

  2. Hi Anne
    very heart warming Post, congrats to you both, I hope to be like you guys soon. we have the ‘outwardly perfect’ life toooo.
    love from Lisa

  3. This is so good for the two of you! God bless you both richly and mightily on your journey together.

    And I confess: watching the KC/NE game was very much akin to slowing down at the seen of a very bad car wreck. One one hand, one is nothing less that compelled to look for unmistakable gore and blood. On the other hand, one dreads the moment the eye beholds such a fearsome scene of intimate carnage.

    Your time was so much more richly spent.

  4. Awesome for you and your hubby… my BF is doing the 100 day challenge with me, yet I know he’ll drink after, I want to be strong by then to know myself better and that I’m happier sober!

    P.S. I was in awe to see the Pats get their a$$e$ beat so bad, as I’m a Pats fan, but was happy to see them look like they should this past Monday night 🙂

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