A sober glow

I’m sitting at a table having breakfast at the spa. I arrived yesterday. Alone.
I’ve been scrubbed and massaged. I’ve had a rose sauna, swum in the eternity pool, had tea in the serenity too. It is amazing. It’s called kurspa and it’s in Kelowna, bc. I highly recommend it. There was even a European hour last night, clothes optional. I was going to be brave and go, but I was exhausted and went to bed before 9!

This decadent self care is new for me. A weekend alone. No kids. No husband. Just time for me to read, stretch, think. And all I can think about is just how beautiful my life has become. It is filled with calm and peaceful moments. Even when I got lost driving here (thanks google map), I didn’t panic. I didn’t berate myself for being lost. I just decided to enjoy the lake side detour and I had faith I would get to my destination eventually.

I’m surrounded by vineyards. There’s a wine list everywhere. And when I woke early this morning, hangover free, I was thankful that I felt whole, alive and excited to start the day. I have no regret or guilt weighing me down. The old sense of impending doom that used to loom over my head is gone.

I feel like I am glowing with joy.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. And that you are able to find the same light in you. Because it’s definitely there!


9 thoughts on “A sober glow

  1. Last July when Joy and I were in Yucatan at a resort in Riviera Maya, we had a day at a spa and I had a facial! I even shaved my beard off the night before. I can’t believe it took me 64 years to discover the exquisite pleasure of getting a facial. Enjoy yourself kiddo. You completely deserve it. 🙂

  2. hi
    I have just started following your Blog, it is wonderful and I too suffer from a lot of the anxieties you do to. self compassion is huge, in fact Compassion is in the title of my blog. it is very very important stuff.
    enjoy your weekend.

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