I am vibrating with excitement and anticipation today. Tomorrow I board a plane to Kelowna, BC for a weekend of relaxation and connection (I hope).
First I head to a spa, where I have a beautiful room with a lovely view reserved. Alone. No husband. No kids. Just me.
I have a scrub, massage, facial and reflexology booked over Thursday and Friday. The spa has a variety of saunas and pools as well. There is even a relaxation room and a tea room. I am going to luxuriate in it all. There is even a “European hour”, clothes optional. Not sure about that one yet. Lol.
I made an appointment to get my hair done before leaving. So I look presentable. Because the spa is only the start to the weekend. The rest is really why I am going.
On Friday I am meeting up with 6 other sober ladies. All of whom I met online, through blogs and other groups. I have gotten together with a couple of them for lunch once. It was the most amazing 3 hours of my life. We have a house booked for the weekend to really get to know each other.
The joy of real life people is listening to their stories. Because we are all so similar. These ladies are all smart, funny, active, outgoing, vital contributors to society. And they all struggled with alcohol at some point. We are at various stages in our sobriety. Some with more time, some with less. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we will be together sober this weekend. Listening, laughing and supporting each other through this adventure.
I spent some time thinking about what to pack yesterday. My need for approval reared its head. But I know, I do not need to impress these ladies with my stylish clothes, or expensive bags. I don’t need to starve myself to lose a few pounds before I go so they think I look good. The outside façade is not why we are getting together. These are my people. Who I am willing to be completely open and truthful with. Without needing to hide behind a mask. Wow. Powerful. Relieveing.
Our weekend includes a viewing of the Anonymous People. It is an excellent movie, for anyone who hasn’t seen it. And Recovery Day in the Okanogan.
I am filled with anticipation.

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