There are so many new bloggers out there at the start of their journey. I wish I could hold you all close and tell you that even if the next few moths seem crazy, mixed up, emotional and scary, it is all worth it.

i wish I could make you believe me, because it’s true.

but sometimes we need the pain to make the transformation worth while. I just hope all of you stick with it as the truth is sober is better.

i mentioned I started writing poetry at yoga. This is my first poem. Yoga has been a place of refuge and acceptance for me.


This body

This body forgets it’s divinity

and slowly turns from he light.


It gently sinks

into the darkness of sleep.

cold. Alone.


life continues. Grey and black and empty.


One day a familiar sound breaks through the veil.

A memory of light.

A memory of hope.

The eyes open to a recollection of joy!


this body is awake. And from its memory grace shines through.





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