Sunday August 3

It has been a long week.

i reached 8 months sober. And I feel good and overwhelmingly happy with my decision to stop drinking.

my father in law fell ill and passed away suddenly. We were able to get there to say goodbye, but it was a sudden shock. And the time with him at the hospital semi conscious and in pain, was way more traumatic than I expected.

But my main take away from this was that I was grateful I was sober and able to be present for his last days, to go back and forth to the hospital, to support my husband and to keep things at a reasonable level of stress for my kids. This was their first exposure to death and my son had the sudden realization that we could die.

It’s important I remember to make each day count. I’ve wasted enough.


1 thought on “Sunday August 3

  1. First off, huge congrats on 8 months sober, so glad you are feeling so awesome! I’ve been sober a while too, and when I read this it struck me that I haven’t had to deal with anything super stressful or traumatic in my sobriety. Life has been pretty predictable. I can’t even imagine what “unmedicated” tragedy feels like, and how I will cope when it happens (and it’s inevitable). I hope I will handle it as gracefully as you did ❤ I'm glad you started your blog and look forward to reading more! ❤

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